Innovative Benefits that Attract and Retain Members

Author: Nevin Folino

Partner with a solution that delivers tailored supports and services that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Members are looking for more. They are seeking greater coverage to lower out-of-pocket costs, benefits that suit their lifestyle, and services that address their whole health. With most older adults aiming to age in place, plans that can deliver value-added offerings in a turn-key way. 

And plans also shoulder more responsibility for screening and delivering interventions that address Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) factors like housing, transportation, nutrition and access to care. The Healthcare Effectiveness and Data Information Set (HEDIS) that includes measures related to public health issues now asks plans to address SDOH factors. And when plans provide these resources, they rate higher, attract more members and retain members for the long-term. 

Members Expect More from Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage plans are increasingly attractive to adults age 65 and older and the trend to select MA benefits to supplement traditional Part A and Part B is on the rise. 

Already, 45% of Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans for 2022, and The Commonwealth Fund expects that to increase to more than 50% by 2025. Findings from their study also indicated that Medicare Advantage enrolled are driven to select the plans because of extended benefits and limits on out-of-pocket costs. Traditional Medicare enrollees were seeking more choice in providers

Another important point for plan providers to consider: Medicare Advantage members “stick to the plan.” Only 11% of them will switch plans during open enrollment. So, plans that attract new members and deliver the more robust benefits they expect today are highly likely to retain those members. 

The question is, how can plan providers deliver turn-key SDOH-related services along with tailored supports that accommodate members as they age? The challenge is, many plans rely on multiple vendors to piece together a puzzle, and there are gaps – namely, housing. And because there is not one central coordinator that can screen members for service needs, deploy necessary supports and monitor performance to “edit” services as needed, many times these extras are not utilized by members. They just don’t tap into the benefits because it’s one more complicated task to coordinate. 

In our modern and evolving healthcare environment, plans must be innovative.  

Upside offers a scalable housing benefit with wrap-around support to address SDOH screening and interventions that address the HEDIS measure, attract members and better serve them as they age. 

Housing is Health 

Housing is the core – it’s a pivotal SDOH factor because it touches every aspect of health. That’s what makes Upside a truly innovative partner for plans that recognize the value of giving members valuable, tailored supplemental services that they need and want. 

Upside provides a fully managed living option for older adults. Members gain access to modern apartments in vibrant, safe, amenity-rich communities. Plus, they can lean on a geriatric care manager that facilitates SDOH services like transportation to appointments, meal delivery, social activities and more. Rather than enlisting in multiple vendors, you can entrust in Upside as a single-source coordinator and provider. And aside from the needs, Upside addresses members’ wants. 

We understand, there is a stigma associated with senior living and that is what prevents many older adults from making a transition that could help them attain better long-term health. That’s why we take a completely different approach. We call it senior living in disguise, and plan providers appreciate that they can give members the option to gain the support they need while living the life they want in a desirable community. Upside offers living in multigenerational luxury apartment complexes – destinations people of any age would be proud to call home. 

A Partner with Scalable, Flexible Services 

Your member population is diverse and includes adults from different demographic backgrounds who live in a range of neighborhoods and face varying health conditions. You need an SDOH partner that is much more than a one-size-fits-all commodity. At Upside, we take a white-glove tailored approach to accommodate what is best for your members. 

First, they can access a geriatric care manager that will coordinate housing and services, from transportation to appointments to help with technology or meal delivery. This gives members greater access to their benefits because they have a single point of contact who can triage their needs and arrange for the supports your plan offers. And as a plan provider, you can scale up or down and select the SDOH screening, interventions, housing and support services your member population values the most. 

Members want a plan that has their best interests in mind. And you can do that by partnering with a forward-thinking authority in housing and SDOH services like Upside. We give plans an opportunity to provide these lifestyle services to members: 

  • Community events and activities
  • Compassionate check-ins
  • Day-to-day coordination
  • Dining and entertainment access
  • Grocery shopping
  • Housekeeping
  • Maintenance requests
  • Meal preparation
  • Move-in services
  • Personal shopping
  • Pet walking and care
  • Reservations
  • Shipping and mailing
  • Technology assistance
  • Travel arrangements

And, Upside addresses the musts that are increasingly important for plans to offer relative to SDOH screening and intervention. 

Housing Navigation

  • Move-in support 
  • Utility setup
  • Accessibility and safety modifications 

Food Services

  • Nutrition and food access case management 
  • Evidenced-based group nutrition class 


  • Reimbursement for health-related public transportation 
  • Reimbursement for health-related private transportation 


  • Linkages to health-related legal supports 

Deliver Curated Benefits and In-Demand Supports 

Upside can scale up or down with your plan members’ needs. We work with a wide range of health plans and long-term care providers with varying added-value services and benefits in place. Some plan providers are looking for a comprehensive suite of Upside living and concierge services, while others are interested in wrap-around support to enhance their existing offering.

We’re redefining what it means to age in place.

Join us on the journey and deliver the value your members are seeking as they navigate aging in place.

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