Reasons Living Close To Your Family Is The Absolute Best

You thought you wanted to spend some of your retirement years in a small apartment so you could travel the world, or you were considering the idea of finding a little piece of paradise to call your own. But now that you have grandkids being born and your children have moved away, you might start thinking about living closer to family.

The Surprising Benefits of Moving Closer to Family in Retirement

Deciding where you want to put down roots in retirement is probably different from the decision you thought would stump you. After all, you’ve been dreaming of spreading your wings for years. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up the top ten reasons it might make sense for seniors like you to move closer to family.

1. Becoming Grandparents

Whether you’re already grandparents or about to become grandparents for the first time, living closer to your grandchildren means you can create a special bond with them and maximize your time together. 

2. Helping Your Children

If you were lucky enough to have your parents nearby when raising your children, you know the huge asset it is to working parents to have trusted babysitters around. 

3. Socialization

Many seniors struggle with socialization, especially after losing a significant other. Living near family means you’ll always have a built-in social network. 

4. Support System

You can’t predict the future. If your health needs change over time, living close to family makes getting the support you need easier. 

5. Avoid Expensive Travel

If you live far away from your children, there’s a good chance you’ll be traveling quite often for visits. When you’re on a fixed income in retirement, it can sometimes be hard to budget for frequent trips. 

6. No Need for Technology

If you’re living close to family, there’s no need for video calls, digital photos, or group text chats. You can experience all of life’s important events in person. 

7. Pursue New Hobbies

While you can pursue hobbies from anywhere you live, you can find a hobby that gets your children or grandchildren involved in a memorable and meaningful way. 

8. Free Transportation

If you need help getting to and from doctor’s appointments, procedures, or nights out, you always have free nearby transportation. Consider it payback for all the years you chauffeured your children around. 

9. Lower Cost Housing

Depending on where your family lives, you could move to a location where the cost of living is more affordable than the paradise destination you might have considered when you were younger. 

10. Only Move Once

If you decide to travel in your retirement years, you might realize that after a while, that lifestyle isn’t working for you anymore. That means you’ll have to make multiple moves in your senior years instead of just making one final relocation near your family.

The Best of Both Worlds

Living close to family in your retirement years allows you to be more involved in day-to-day family life, and it can help keep you feeling younger for longer. Plus, if you trust Upside to help you find the right apartment to cater to your lifestyle, you can still enjoy traveling once in a while to those tropical destinations you’ve always dreamed of exploring. 

Let Upside help you relocate to your dream destination and help connect you to the services and activities you care about. Start the conversation with an Upside team member today.

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