Unique Apartment Amenities for Retirement

When you start searching for an apartment, you may get overwhelmed by the options, but don’t forget to consider apartment communities with unique apartment amenities. If you’re looking to downsize from a house to an apartment for your retirement years, you don’t want to sacrifice staying healthy and having fun! Trying out the amenities in your apartment community can also be a great way to get to know your neighbors and make like-minded friends. 

If you are trying to decide between two or several apartment communities, investigating the available amenities can make a big difference, both in telling you what you can enjoy if you live there and by showing you what the apartment community considers important. Why settle for the standard fitness center, business center, and pool when you can have so much more? From keeping you in good shape to making your pets happy, these amenities can build your new 55 plus lifestyle and make your retirement a lot more fun!

What Unique Apartment Amenities May Be Available?

You may be surprised what you will find when you let apartment amenities guide your search. Beyond finding out what sizes of apartments are available and where they are located, an apartment community’s amenities can tell you a lot about its personality and in turn the personalities of its residents! 

Amenities Just For Pet Owners

If a furry friend will be moving into your new apartment with you, you may want to consider a community that features amenities that cater to you both! Beyond simply being pet-friendly (allowing pets to live in your apartments), some communities offer amenities specifically for animal lovers, including dog parks and grooming stations!

A dog park offers a fenced-in area where your dog can run around off-leash, play with other dogs, and use the restroom without upsetting other residents. Some dog parks also have toys, ramps, or other fun activities for your pup to enjoy. 

A dog-washing station is also a great amenity in any pet-friendly apartment. Imagine your dog has a little too much fun at the dog park and ends up covered in mud. Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid giving them a bath in your own bathtub? Dog-washing stations let you wash your dog in the convenience of your own apartment building while keeping your own apartment pristine. 

These pet-oriented amenities are also a great way to meet your neighbors! You and your dog can make friends when other residents bring their pets to the dog park or dog-washing station, so it’s definitely worth looking for these amenities if you have a dog. 

Upgraded Wellness and Recreational Amenities

Amenities you can expect at many apartment communities include fitness centers and pools, but in certain apartment communities these amenities have some more unique upgrades. For example, instead of having all residents crowded into one multipurpose pool, some apartment communities have a lap pool for fitness and a lounging pool for recreation. 

Beyond simply looking at the landscaping with flowers and plants around your apartment building, you might enjoy planting your own garden in a community garden plot. Then, you could cook the produce you grow in an outdoor kitchen! 

Many apartment communities have a room where residents can sit on couches and watch TV, but you might find that the perfect apartment community for you has a game room or even a movie theater! When you don’t limit your expectations when it comes to even the most common amenities, you can enjoy a variety of immersive experiences that let you embrace all retirement life has to offer.

Smart Home Amenities for a Cutting-Edge Living Experience

Modern conveniences will exceed your expectations when your apartment home is equipped with smart home amenities. What are these unique apartment amenities? Smart home amenities mean that everything from your lights to your locks are connected to the internet to improve their performance and allow you to access them remotely.

For example, smart locks can be locked and unlocked from your phone–a huge benefit if you’re someone that tends to misplace your keys or forget to lock the door on your way out! You can control the level and color of smart lights from your phone and program them to turn on and off automatically when you enter and exit a room. More than just a fun feature, this can also save you money on your electricity bill. The same may be said of smart thermostats, which again can be controlled from your smartphone and can learn how you like your apartment heated and cooled. 

Self-service package lockers also make it easy to get items shipped to your apartment. Without this amenity, oversized packages may be delivered to the apartment community front desk where you would have to talk to a concierge and sign for them, or merely left outside your door, where, unfortunately, they are at risk of being stolen. A self-service package locker solves this problem! The package will be delivered into a secure locker. You will then receive a notification with a code. You can then go to the locker and enter the code to simply and securely receive the package!

These are just a few examples of the potential smart apartment amenities that can make life easier for you and impress your friends and family when they visit your new apartment!

The Best Way to Find a Community with the Unique Apartment Amenities You Want

By far the best way to find an apartment with amenities that perfectly suit your plans for your new retirement lifestyle is to work with a service that knows the area you want to move to and will help you get what you want. Are you over 55 and want to move to an apartment in south Florida? Upside is here for you! Upside works with people over 55 and their families to help them find an apartment in a premium, mixed age community with beautiful amenities. 

Connect with Upside to learn how we can help you find your dream apartment with the amenities you need. Once you know the general area you’d like to move to, our Upside Advisor’s can help you narrow down your options to find the apartment community that is the best fit for you, based on the amenities you want! Then, once you get moved in, your Upside Manager will ensure you enjoy your new lifestyle to the fullest, helping you get event tickets, sign up for hobby classes, and more! Enjoy retirement in a premium apartment community with the amenities you need with Upside!

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