Upside For Health Plans

A Comprehensive Safe Housing Benefit

The Only Vertically Integrated Housing Benefit for all Health Plan Members

Upside connects older adults with simplified access to its curated network of quality apartments. It offers both solo and shared units for affordability and built-in companionship.

It then layers IADL support and safety services and local community experiences for social engagement around those apartments.

All services are accessed easily via a single point of contact, the Upside Manager.

Discover the Upside Manager

The Health Plan Program

Upside works with health plans to design specific programs for their populations.

1. Eligible Population

Health Plan provides Upside with full eligibility file to begin Upside’s engagement with Members.

2. Member Activation

Upside conducts a Housing Consultation Survey with Members to assess current situation and safe housing needs.

3. Data Sharing

Upside delivers housing risk data back to plan and utilizes that data to provide appropriate services to plan Members.

Upside Platform

Enabling Members to Age in the Right Place

Upside conducts a Housing Consultation Survey

Upside is the only solution of its kind

Become a Partner Health Plan:

  • Improve Member satisfaction
  • Reduce healthcare costs
  • Capture Member-level data
  • Improve health outcomes
  • Increase STAR ratings
  • Improve housing safety for all Members

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