Community-Based Activities and Programs for Upside Members

Throughout your life, close friends and family have helped you build a solid foundation of trust and compassion. Most of your happiest memories are probably times you shared with people you love. Why should it be any different as you age? Research has shown that social support can actually play a fairly significant role in overall health and well-being, especially in older adults. Spending time with friends and acquaintances can improve your quality of life from a physical and emotional perspective. What is one way your Upside Manager can help you focus on socialization? Community activities and programs.

Why is Socialization Important for Seniors?

For seniors, finding various positive outlets out of socialization can reduce stress, fight off depression and anxiety, and reduce the risk of physical health concerns related to social isolation. Socialization has also been proven to combat memory-related cognitive decline.

Upside is all about building a lifestyle that is fully tailored to you. We don’t want you to feel limited to only interacting with individuals with similar beliefs and backgrounds, and that’s why all of our premium apartments are multi-generational. An accumulating body of research on purpose, generativity, relationships, and face-to-face contact suggests that engagement with others that flows down the generational chain may make you healthier, happier, and live longer.

As an Upside member, you can choose how you want to structure the next chapter of your life. That means you can choose from hundreds of curated 55+ independent apartments around the country. And while the possibility of moving can be exciting, it can be challenging to think about starting over away from family and friends.

We want to remove the barriers stopping you from living your dreams. That’s why our Upside Managers will act as your personal concierge to connect you with individuals in your community who share your interests, values, or beliefs.

So, how do we help you find socialization opportunities within your community? From volunteer opportunities to transportation to and from Happy Hour events, your Upside Manager makes it easy to stay social. Just some of the activities and programs we can help you explore in your community include:

Aside from connecting you with local activities and programs, your Upside Manager can help coordinate Papa Pal visits to supplement your other activities with much-needed companionship, thought-provoking conversations and more.

Retirement Your Way at Upside

Traditional retirement facilities are designed to help you interact with residents through various services, pre-planned activities and programs. But why limit yourself to only interacting with people who are aging? Upside focuses on helping you maintain your youthfulness and independence with intergenerational apartments that encourage you to build genuine connections and expand your horizons. Focus on your mind, body, and soul in a way that is authentically you by customizing your retirement lifestyle with Upside.

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