Moving After a Divorce Later in Life

Time for a Move after Divorce?

Let’s face it. No one plans to divorce. For many older adults, life circumstances and changes create a rift and relationships can suffer. Separation can be an opportunity to reinvent, reimagine—and relocation is often in the settling process as a way to move on and also to reset in terms of budgeting and lifestyle.

There are a few things—well, more than a few—that are on your mind after a major life change like this. You’re not alone.

Maintaining a Lifestyle

You’re accustomed to a lifestyle and your routine. You have neighbors, friends, family and the places you like to visit close by for errands, going out to dinner or just doing your thing. But can you afford your current household now? It’s not an easy decision. Many of us get pulled emotionally toward a home and then it becomes a tremendous financial, social and emotional burden. Life is different now. Embrace it!

Lifting the Burden

Maybe he took care of the lawn and she did the shopping, or vice-versa. After years and perhaps decades of sharing the responsibilities—at least to some extent—you have a bigger plate and maybe you just want time to regroup, reorganize and enjoy life as you want. Does it matter if you can still do the grocery shopping or drive to a social event? Maybe you are ready to have an as-needed concierge to handle those details when you just want to decompress, enjoy or get out without the stress. This is where Upside comes into play. A dedicated Upside Manager, your personal concierge, is your ultimate connector to services, amenities and supports when, where and how you prefer. It’s not like independent living. But it does give you independence.

A Fresh Start

We bet you’ve been through a number of major evolutions in your adult life, and divorce is especially difficult. Many of our Upside members have been there. Transitioning into a lifestyle where they can have an apartment with the conveniences and luxuries you are used to, the elevated services you expect and access to a social network — if you choose — gives you the freedom to focus on moving forward and enjoying your next chapters fully. It’s more than O.K. for these days to be all about you.

The Upside Way

Maybe you’ve explored independent living, or maybe not until now after a divorce or separation. We’re here to let you know there are different ways to live with amenities and services without being tied down. At Upside, you work with a dedicated Upside Advisor to find an apartment that offers the amenities you expect, and then you’ll be connected to an Upside Manager who is a personal concierge that connects you to amenities, services, supports and is a go-to. It takes the stress off of having to call family or friends for things like technical support, arranging transportation, getting dinner delivered or making reservations. It’s life how and when you choose. And that’s a very different way of independent living that is a breath of fresh air, especially after a major life transition like divorce.

Just Ask

How can we help you live life to the fullest? Our Upside Managers offer a gateway to independence by coordinating services and connecting you to the conveniences and experiences that mean the most so you can thrive. How can we help?

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