Upside Manager

Coordinating Your Day-to-Day Activities and Connecting You With Conveniences

We connect you virtually with a dedicated Upside Manager, your personal concierge, who gets to know you personally and is a go-to who understands how you dine, relax, socialize and spend time. Your Upside Manager is your gateway to support, an array of bespoke services, social opportunities and everyday conveniences. Live with ease and capture more time to enjoy the life you imagine. Our goal is to alleviate the burden of housekeeping, transportation, grocery shopping, tech troubleshooting or even making dinner reservations and accessing desirable seats at a performance. And it’s not just about the services—it’s how they alleviate anxiety, reduce stress, remove a burden and allow you to thrive.

Beyond Concierge

An Upside Manager’s role in shaping your Upside experience runs deeper than coordinating and connecting you to services. It’s about the relationship we develop with members and their loved ones virtually and in person. Live in a comfortable and supportive environment, while also maintaining independence and dignity. We anticipate your needs. And we understand, “simple things” like help with a smartphone or coffee with community members are just as important to maintaining your health, happiness and vitality as services like maintenance.

Your Lifestyle, Your Way

Your Upside Manager understands the freedom and lifestyle you desire, and there’s a reason why members tell us Upside living is a resort experience. We offer a robust menu of services designed to accommodate your preferences. Is there something else we can do? Just ask. Looking for fresh-cut flowers for your table or dinner reservations? We’ve got you covered.

A Vital Connection

Once you select a home, we’ll match you with a committed, compassionate virtual Upside Manager who is available when and where you need. You’ll never think twice about calling to ask a question or request a service. Your Upside Manager is a gateway—a lifestyle coordinator. Our only mission is to assure your happiness by providing day-to-day assistance, access to specialized services, and opportunities for you to engage.

Just Ask

How can we help you live life to the fullest? Our Upside Managers offer our members valuable independence by coordinating services and connecting you to the conveniences and experiences that mean the most in order to thrive.

How can we help?

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