10X Boca Raton

with Upside+

A Community within a Community

Upside+ is senior living without the stigma. You’ll live at 10X Boca Raton with all the conveniences in one of Boca Raton’s most sought-after buildings and you get the “undercover” support and care, when and how you need it.

It’s a revolutionary way to age in the right place with all of the extras that you might get in traditional senior living – outside of a “facility” environment. Gourmet meals, accompanied transportation, on-site events and cultural experiences, and like-minded neighbors are just the beginning. Daily touchpoints by a dedicated, certified caregiver plus peace-of-mind check-ins from your Upside Manager so you can enjoy this next stage of your life without turning in the keys for traditional senior living. Our members love that these services are available to suit their needs and are discreet.

Another Layer of Luxury

Your Upside Manager can help make appointments, arrange transportation, assist with technology, and even deal with administrative burdens like identifying a new primary care provider or submitting housing maintenance requests. They are your dedicated connection that alleviates the burden of “all the things,” so you can focus on enjoying daily life.

With Upside+, you get multiple layers of support and care. Your Upside Manager is your eye in the sky and works with your on-site certified caregiver, to enable access to a robust menu of services. Upside+ is designed to accommodate your preferences and your needs.

Top-Tier Doctor + Medical Referrals

Medical Service Arrangements

Long-Distance Care Coordination

Professional Services Organization

Insurance Claim Management

Crisis Management

Support & Service, Your Way

  • Apartment – Live in 10X Boca Raton with all the amenities.
  • Convenience – A single point-of-contact for all services and conveniences, all in one simple monthly bill.
  • Care – On-site and on-demand support provided by certified nursing assistants 7 days a week that includes care management and direct communication with loved ones. Upside+ care professionals are an extension of family, offering peace of mind, connection and check-ins.
  • Programs & Activities – Grow your mind, body, and soul through daily activities that enhance your lifestyle.
  • Food Delivery – Fresh gourmet meals and free grocery delivery right to your door.

Upside+ vs. Traditional Senior Living

What’s the difference between the Upside+ experience and traditional senior living? Upside+ is about aging actively on your terms. Rather than getting boxed into a prescribed group housing situation, activities schedule and lifestyle, you get to live in a beautiful, luxury apartment building with residents of all ages. You get to access the amenities, care services and support you need to live independently – your way. Our community within a community approach allows you to live at 10X Boca Raton while being reassured with daily check-ins from a certified nursing assistant who gets to know you personally – and the support of your Upside Manager, who can do everything from making dinner reservations to troubleshooting Netflix. Your Upside Manager is a single, direct point of contact that knows you personally and acts as a concierge and quarterback to arrange all the details so you can simplify your life. That’s what Upside+ is all about.

Upside Manager

Every Upside+ member is connected with an Upside Manager, a personal concierge who helps with everything from appointment scheduling to technology assistance.

Certified Caregiver

A Certified Nursing Assistant checks in on members twice a day and is available 7 days a week to provide in-home medical care.


Upside+ members become part of a vibrant community that hosts fun and engaging social events year-round.

Apartment Amenities

100% Tile Apartment Homes

White Quartz Countertops

Separate Glass Showers


Golf Course Views

In-Unit Washer/Dryer

Nest Electronic Thermostat

Stainless Steel Appliances

1 Bedroom, 1 Bath Starting at $6,350
2 Bedroom, 2 Bath Starting at $7,250

What’s Included:

Community Amenities

Air-Conditioned Luxor Package Room

9 Hole Putting Green

Courtyard with Fire Pit

BBQ Grill Area

Air-Conditioned Pet Spa

Dog Park


Heated Saltwater Pool and Spa

Movie Theater

Bike Storage

Parking Garage

Why Choose Upside+?

Adults who choose the Upside+ lifestyle are generally 55+ and interested in an environment where they can live independently on their terms while getting in-home care, meals, light housekeeping, laundry service and access to amenities. They do not want to move into a traditional senior living campus that feels restrictive, and the stigma is unappealing to them. Many of our Upside+ members have family members who do not live in town, or their adult children are busy raising families and cannot provide the daily care needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle, mind and body. They appreciate that Upside+ is discreet – and they can choose a luxury apartment with all the amenities in a community with residents of all ages.

Ultimately, what Upside+ members share in common is a desire to age on their terms in a beautiful apartment with curated services, in-home care. They like that Upside+ is “not your grandma’s senior living.”

Get Started

“My wife and I have been in South Florida for close to 40 years. As both of us now are in our early 70’s and fully retired we both started thinking about the burden of home ownership. One of the biggest items we we’re concerned with was, what if something were to happen to one of us? Upside gives us our independence along with the security if something we’re to happen to one of us. We are in our second month of rental property living and we like it very much. We have met five Upside employees thus far and all have been very helpful, patient, and kind. And I don’t have mow the lawn……..”

-Joseph S

“I love Upside From my initial call 3 yrs ago looking for an affordable apartment in Boca Raton, their management team has always been professional and extremely caring for all my needs. I’m so thankful for my membership with Upside. Thank you”

-Pat D

“Great service! Mitch is super helpful! I love that Upside provides the best service for my family!”

-Fany L

“We Truly appreciate the caring and helpfulness that we get from Damien and everyone else at Upside. You all do a wonderful job.”

-Chelle S


6365 NW 6TH Way, Suite 200

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309