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First, a little about us.

Upside was designed to be the only housing solution of its kind that makes it easier and more sustainable to age in the right place – no matter what “right” means for members or their loved ones. Instead of an institutionalized housing model like that of a traditional senior living or continuing care retirement community, we offer an integrated housing approach that works differently.

From the outside looking in, there’s no way to tell when someone has an Upside membership. There is no badge. No designated living area. There are no restrictions, at all. What members do have is the chance to continue living their best lives in their current homes or in a new Upside apartment without sacrificing access to any additional support services they might want later.

When is the best time to join Upside?

If you’re an independent, active adult aged 55 and up, there’s no time like the present! The best time to join is on your own terms, and not after experiencing a fall or some other triggering event. With Upside, you can live at home or in a regular apartment community with the safety and support to live independently. In the event of a trigger event, you’ll have expert guidance to navigate through it.

Taking a closer look at the Upside approach

Many people would prefer to remain in their current homes for as long as possible, rather than make the move to traditional senior living. No surprise there. But aging in place at home can be tricky to navigate successfully alone. From sourcing local care providers and managing appointments to retrofitting a home so it’s safer for our members, this is where Upside shines.

Our founding principle is to reduce the stress that can often come along with a person’s attempt to age in place. Depending on where members are in their unique aging journeys, that will mean different things.

Members who are active and generally healthy may not think about our ability to coordinate extended in-home care services, but they like knowing it’s there for them if they need it. Other members love taking advantage of our full offering because it means they can maintain the quality of life they’re accustomed to, thanks to our dedicated geriatric care management team.

No matter who you are, our goal is to create the best possible aging experience for older adults of all ages, including easing the burden on adult children or other family caregivers. Through our partnerships with trusted vendors and providers, we can offer a single point of contact that connects members to all the services, support programs, and community engagement opportunities essential for a purposeful life.

Where does Upside operate?

Upside started in South Florida. After discovering demand for our alternative approach to senior living coming from all over the United States, we knew we could do more good for more people by expanding our reach far and wide to anyone who desires a chance to age in place with dignity. Upside boasts an extensive network, spanning over 33,000 partner communities across the United States and continually expanding.

Who does Upside partner with?

In order to realize our vision, we’ve partnered with various organizations, contractors, and other providers to help ensure our members have convenient access to trusted, vetted services. We take care of the heavy lifting through a single point of contact that streamlines members’ access to anything and everything they might need, including opportunities for social and community engagement.

Why did Upside expand to offer in-home services?

We began offering in-home services to members who preferred to stay in their current homes, because we saw this as a chance to more fully deliver on our core principle of creating the best possible aging experience for everyone, regardless of where they choose to call home. We offer extensive services through our network of partners that can be implemented quickly and efficiently so members don’t need to worry about the typical stress and anxiety of getting great care and support in a hurry.

Now, It’s your turn!

We’d love to learn more about you and what you’re looking for in housing for older adults. Fill out our form to start the conversation, and together we’ll explore how Upside can make aging in place – any place – more enjoyable for members and their loved ones.

Leadership Team


Jake Rothstein

Founder & CEO

Jake is the Founder and CEO of Upside, whose mission is to enhance the quality of life of older adults everywhere. Upside is the first and only fully managed living option for older adults, providing a flexible and exciting alternative to traditional senior living.

Jake previously co-founded Papa – a company which pairs older adults and families with “Papa Pals” for companionship and assistance with everyday tasks – based on experience with his own grandfather (who he called papa).

Upside’s mission is deeply personal for Jake. After moving his own ‘papa’ to senior living, he realized that there was an opportunity to create a better experience – this time for his grandmother, Margarita.

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Peter Badgley

Founder & COO

Peter is the Founder and COO of Upside, whose mission is to enhance the quality of life of older adults everywhere. Upside is the first and only fully managed living option for older adults, providing a flexible and exciting alternative to traditional senior living.

“Our goal is to help people age in the right place, and that journey begins with offering residents the safest, most secure environments possible so they can be free to live their best lives. Home is an “upstream” factor of overall health — the core of everything we do at Upside. If you can’t get that right, then the other things you do to positively impact your wellness and longevity don’t have as strong of an effect.”

Peter is passionate about Upside’s mission, having dealt with so many of these challenges with his own grandparents.

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