Why Upside?

Empowering health plan members with accessible, stable, and affordable living solutions, one member at a time.

The Only National Housing Stability Program

Choosing Upside means health plans can truly make a difference in their members’ lives. We’re all about digging deeper into each person’s unique living situation, going beyond the usual checklists to find real, meaningful housing solutions. It’s about connecting on a human level, understanding what each member needs to feel safe and stable at home. This personal touch doesn’t just make members happier; it’s key to their health and well-being. When health plans work with us, they’re taking a big step towards health equity, making sure everyone, no matter their background, gets the housing care they deserve. Our expertise in finding just the right housing options, combined with our personal approach, helps health plans deliver truly top-notch care. The payoff? Healthier, happier members, less spending on healthcare down the line, and a reputation as a health plan that really cares about doing what’s right for every member.

Uncovering Hidden Housing Challenges

Upside identifies the often unnoticed challenges in housing stability that traditional claims data miss. By asking the right questions, we uncover issues like difficulty managing daily tasks or navigating physical environments. This approach goes beyond addressing financial distress or severe housing conditions, recognizing subtler but critical aspects of living spaces. Our focus on these details ensures comprehensive support for health plan members, addressing their needs proactively and holistically.

In-Home Assessment and Remediation

Focused on enhancing members’ current living conditions, this aspect involves a thorough assessment and improvement of home safety and functionality, preserving their comfort and independence in a familiar environment.

Housing Navigation and Stabilization Support

When it’s time for a change, we guide members through the process of finding and transitioning to new housing that better suits their needs, ensuring a stable, secure, and comfortable future.

Traditional Facility Guidance

When independent living isn’t safe or sustainable, our team guides members to suitable living options, prioritizing their health, comfort, and preferences.

Human-Centric Innovation

Upside stands at the forefront, innovatively merging technology with our Care Guides’ human touch. As pioneers in applying technological solutions to housing challenges, we maintain a balance where technology enhances, not overshadows, the human element. Our platforms streamline processes and enable efficient data analysis and communication, but it’s the empathetic and understanding care provided by our Care Guides that truly defines our service. This synergy of cutting-edge tech and personalized care ensures we lead in technological advancements while staying deeply committed to each member’s unique needs. Recognizing that technology can’t fully grasp the nuances of every individual’s situation, our approach marries the efficiency of advanced systems with the empathy and personalization of our Care Guides. This integration sets a new industry benchmark for comprehensive, member-focused housing solutions.

Tailored Solutions for Every Health Plan

We understand that each health plan has its unique challenges and demographics, which is why we emphasize customization and flexibility in our housing stability solutions. We collaborate closely with our health plan partners to develop tailored approaches that align with their specific needs and goals. Our team is adept at adapting services to suit diverse member populations, ensuring that solutions are not one-size-fits-all but are finely tuned to address the nuances of each plan’s requirements. From targeted assessments to personalized member engagement strategies, our commitment to customization ensures that health plans receive the most effective and efficient solutions. This flexible approach not only enhances member satisfaction and outcomes but also optimizes resource utilization, ensuring that health plans can deliver high-quality care while maintaining cost-effectiveness. With Upside, you gain a partner dedicated to creating a bespoke experience that resonates with your members and aligns seamlessly with your operational objectives.

Upside Corporate Headquarters

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