Health Equity Through Housing

Empowering health plan members with accessible, stable, and affordable living solutions, one home at a time.


Discovery and Assessment

Comprehensive Screening

Identifying Housing Needs

Upside’s ‘Screen & Intervene’ approach is meticulously crafted to unearth housing stability issues often overlooked by standard programs. Our Care Guides utilize a proprietary screening campaign to ask probing questions, pinpointing members’ housing needs. This phase includes both identifying at-risk individuals and scheduling re-screenings for others, ensuring continuous monitoring and support.


Personalization and Planning

Personalized Intervention

Customized Housing Solutions

Once housing stability issues are identified, Upside provides personalized interventions. This step involves detailed discovery and intake processes, where Care Guides gather individual living requirements, explore various housing options, and develop a tailored transition plan. Our intervention extends beyond just finding a place to stay; it encompasses comprehensive support in navigating housing options, ensuring safety, affordability, and sustainability.


Integration and Management

Seamless Coordination

Collaborative Care and Support

Upside Care Guides closely coordinate with health plan Care Managers, aligning our housing services with the members’ overall care plans. This collaborative approach facilitates the integration of Social Drivers of Health support, such as access to food and transportation, into the housing stabilization journey. Care Guides manage every aspect, from housing transition plans to coordination of logistics, ensuring a smooth and supportive experience for each member.


Support and Evaluation

Ongoing Support and Analysis

Continuous Engagement and Reporting

Upside’s commitment extends beyond initial housing stabilization. We offer continuous support and regular reporting to health plans. This includes detailed analysis of housing interventions’ effectiveness, member satisfaction surveys, and compliance with agreed-upon KPIs and SLAs. Our dynamic approach ensures that we adapt to changing needs and maintain a high standard of service quality, contributing to the overall well-being and satisfaction of members.

Transform Member Experiences with Upside

Join us in redefining housing stability for health plan members. Learn how Upside’s innovative approach can contribute to member satisfaction and overall plan success.

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