Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Upside located?

We provide support services throughout the entire United States, and our Upside partner apartments can be found in over 40 states. These apartments not only offer senior-friendly living spaces, but also provide Membership services and support.

Who is a good fit for Upside?

Upside members are typically residents who are 55 years of age and older and value their independence while recognizing the importance of services and support that can grow with them as they age. They want to age on their own terms without the stigma of traditional senior living, while enjoying entertainment, dining, and exploring new hobbies. Upside is supportive living for older adults, not ‘senior living.’

Is Upside only for seniors (55+)?

Upside services are specifically tailored to support older adults who are 55 and up. Our members are generally residents who are 50 years of age and older and enjoy their independence but recognize the value of transitioning into a lifestyle that provides them with services and support that can grow with them as they age. Since our partner communities are not exclusive to those 55+, you can have a roommate, family member, or grandchildren visit and reside with you. We are able to offer significantly more flexibility than age-restricted senior facilities.

Are Upside partner apartments exclusively for seniors (55+)?

Our partner apartments are not designated 55+ or HOPA (Housing for Older Persons). They are senior-friendly, blended apartment communities with people of all ages who lean more towards the mature side. These are senior-friendly apartment communities that are multi-generational or blended.

Do Upside partner apartments have a dining room on site?

There is not a dining room on site. We operate in regular apartment buildings, not traditional senior living facilities. What’s great about us is that we can offer much more variety through our gourmet meal partners to offer direct-to-your-doorstep service, and you are free to eat in the common areas of the apartment community or in the comfort of your own full size, fully equipped apartment.

What activities are available on site?

We leverage the clubhouse and common areas of our partner apartment communities to host boutique events on site. Additionally, there are various activities hosted by the property management team. Your Upside Manager will also curate a personalized activities calendar for you, allowing you to explore your passions and meet other members.

Is there an activities director available on site?

There is not an activities director on site. Remember, this isn’t your traditional cookie-cutter senior living facility. This is a vibrant apartment building, with people of all ages, that has been quality checked to meet our strict standards for safety and accessibility. Your virtual Upside Manager serves as your personal activities director, leveraging the partner community where you live and in the surrounding area. They can curate specific activities that cater to your hobbies and interests.

What kind of amenities are on site?

Our partner communities offer resort-style amenities such as a pool, clubhouse, fitness center, common area, movie theater, walking trails, and bark park. We work with established, vetted, local providers on demand for any additional needs or services.

What if I need assistance on site?

We have established, vetted, on-demand providers available locally, including Papa and TaskRabbit, among others, that can come onsite, as needed to help with a wide range of tasks.

Where is my Upside Manager located?

Our Upside Managers are virtual and remote, and are only one phone call, text or email away. You can think of them as being on the other side of your phone, ready to assist you whenever you need help.

Are you an apartment finder service?

No, as a benefit of membership, we assist older adults in finding suitable senior-friendly apartments in our network. After you move in, we continue to be there on an ongoing basis to provide support and be your single point of contact for your day-to-day apartment needs and so much more.

What if I only want the support services?

We offer a services-only membership that is available in your current home or apartment.

Will Upside be physically on the property?

Upside won’t physically be on site. We work closely with the property management team and provide our services through your virtual Upside Manager. Our care managers are remote, and we have localized, vetted partners who provide a range of services onsite. We leverage a distributed workforce or community partners, and our members love that they can simply call, email, or text for assistance.

What if I only want an apartment without the services?

Upside is probably not the right fit for you if you only want an apartment without our services. We are not an apartment finding service.

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