Housing Stability Program

Empowering Health Plans with Effective Housing Strategies

Proactive Housing Support

Housing stability is a critical yet often unaddressed factor in health plan management, primarily because it rarely surfaces in claims data. Traditional approaches tend to focus on clear and immediate housing needs, leaving a significant portion of the member population underserved. These subtler, yet impactful housing challenges can go unnoticed, affecting members’ overall health and well-being. Upside steps in to bridge this gap. Our program is uniquely designed to identify and address a wide range of housing stability issues across diverse member populations. By recognizing and responding to these hidden housing needs, we offer a comprehensive solution that enhances both individual health outcomes and the overall effectiveness of health plans.


By delving deeper than typical SDoH assessments, we conduct comprehensive housing evaluations, uncovering subtle yet critical factors that significantly influence members’ living conditions and well-being.

In-Home Assessment and Remediation

Ensuring members’ living conditions meet their health and safety needs through evaluation and prioritization of crucial infrastructure.

Housing Navigation and Stabilization Support

When basic home adjustments aren’t enough and institutional settings aren’t suitable, Upside steps in to guide members towards safe, affordable, and stable housing solutions.

Traditional Facility Guidance

This intervention occurs when an Upside Care Guide, under the supervision of our clinical team, determines that independent living is no longer viable for that member’s safety and longevity.

Reporting & Analytics

We provide detailed analytics and reports, including member feedback, satisfaction survey outcomes, and evaluations of key performance metrics, ensuring health plans receive valuable insights and consistent high-quality service.

Unlocking Affordable Living Solutions

Recognizing the diverse needs within health plan populations, Upside offers a tailored solution for affordability challenges through our Affordable Home Share Program. This program is activated when health plans identify a pressing need for affordable housing options among their members. As a vital component of our Housing Navigation and Stabilization Support, Affordable Home Share is designed to transform the concept of affordable living into a safe, secure, and welcoming reality. We understand that the continuous building or subsidizing of housing is not a sustainable strategy for health plans. Therefore, our approach focuses on creating trust, safety, and affordability in shared living arrangements. By guiding members every step of the way, we ensure they find not just a house, but a home that exceeds their needs and fosters a supportive community, making affordable living a practical and enriching experience.

Bridging the Housing Stability Gap

For years, housing stability has remained a blind spot in healthcare, often overlooked due to its indirect representation in claims data. This gap has resulted in a lack of specialized services catering to this crucial aspect of member well-being. Upside emerges as the only solution in this uncharted territory, addressing the nuanced and diverse housing needs that traditional health plans often miss. By focusing on this vital element of healthcare, we enable health plans to proactively enhance member health outcomes, rather than reacting when it’s too late. It’s time for health plans to embrace this innovative approach, recognizing the essential role of stable housing in overall health and the value it brings to both members and the healthcare system as a whole.

Maximizing Member Wellness with Housing Stability

Health plans partnering with Upside’s Housing Stability Program gain a powerful ally in enhancing member well-being and satisfaction. Our program delves deep into the often-overlooked aspect of housing stability, uncovering and addressing issues that traditional health metrics might miss. This comprehensive approach not only improves the daily lives of members by ensuring they live in safe, appropriate, and stable environments, but it also aligns with the broader goals of health plans. Improved housing stability leads to better health outcomes, reduced healthcare costs, and higher member satisfaction, creating a win-win situation for both members and health plans. By prioritizing this key social determinant of health, Upside helps health plans stay ahead of the curve in providing holistic, effective healthcare solutions.

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