Nationwide Leaders
in Housing Stability
for Health Plans

Promoting sustainable living environments for long-term member stability.

Ensuring safety in housing, critical for overall health and peace of mind.

Facilitating affordable housing options to ease financial burdens for members.

Tailored Housing

Each member’s housing needs are unique. Upside’s Care Guides craft personalized plans, ensuring comfort, accessibility, and long-term well-being.

Health Equity

In partnership with health plans, Upside advocates for health equity, bridging healthcare and housing for holistic well-being and reduced healthcare costs.

Innovative Impact

Combining human empathy with cutting-edge technology, Upside innovatively addresses housing challenges, creating significant impacts in communities.

Addressing the Housing Health Link

There’s growing recognition that where and how people live deeply influences their health. But acknowledging this isn’t enough; it’s time for tangible action. We see the human faces behind housing statistics, understanding that each member struggling with housing instability has their own story, and these challenges significantly impact their health and well-being. By bringing human-centered, practical solutions to the forefront, we’re not just discussing housing as a health issue; we’re actively developing personalized strategies that make a real difference in members’ lives. Our commitment is to nurture healthier lives, one home at a time, while also making healthcare more efficient and cost-effective.

How It Works

Navigating Member
Housing Stability

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