A Different Option for Retiring in Mississippi

For many, the idea of independent senior living in Mississippi – or anywhere else for that matter – doesn’t fit with how they feel on the inside. If you’re excited for an active lifestyle with more time to enjoy the people, places, and activities that make you tick, Upside is specially designed for adults like you. Different from traditional senior living apartments in Mississippi, joining Upside puts you in the middle of all the action. As a member of Upside, you’ll get to pick your new home from a wide selection of great apartments in Jackson, Mississippi. We have options in all shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to find a styling new home alongside your fellow Mississippians. You’ll also be paired with your own Upside Manager, who can help connect you with the state’s numerous attractions, resources, and opportunities to explore nature..

Why Retiring in Mississippi is for Wanderers at Heart

Mississippi is the perfect place for people who love to wander with purpose in all directions. Driven by restless curiosity and a thirst for new experiences, they want to go wherever they feel pulled, and the state is happy to oblige. Whether that means the foothills of the Appalachians, stunning horizons along the Delta, the tranquil coastal roadways, or an exciting concert, retiring in this Gulf state as a member of Upside is miles away from ordinary 55+ retirement communities in Mississippi. Our apartments in the city of Jackson are a great example of this.

Jackson, Mississippi is where you’ll find dozens of cool museums and attractions, including hundreds of restaurants, exciting year-round events, and charming historical districts to explore at your own pace. From literature, music, and sports, to shopping, dining, and family-friendly fun, retiring in Jacksonville as a member of Upside is a VIP pass to anywhere you want to go.

Tax Benefits of Retiring in Mississippi

When it comes to taxes, this state is among the most friendly for people retiring in Mississippi. For starters, there are no taxes on Social Security income and withdrawals from retirement funds are also tax-exempt. On top of that, Mississippians enjoy a modest 5.9% tax rate, so every dollar stretches further.

Learn More About Independent Senior Living in Mississippi

If you’re ready for a new beginning – and ready to say goodbye to expensive home repairs and time-consuming household maintenance – joining Upside could be the right move for you. With Upside, there are no hidden fees to surprise you down the road, and no rigid daily schedules to follow. Learn more about our senior living apartments in Mississippi and find out what sets them apart from traditional 55+ communities in Jackson.

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