North Carolina

55 Plus Communities in North Carolina

North Carolina is a great place to retire, especially if you’re looking forward to living the next chapter of your life in an area rich with natural beauty, vibrant arts and culture, and picture-book-perfect mountain getaways. This is what independent living in North Carolina is like when you choose an Upside community near Charlotte or Raleigh-Durham. It’s also just the beginning of the benefits of NC senior living. North Carolina is a tax-friendly state for older adults because there’s no Social Security tax, no State Estate tax, and a low income tax rate. Factor in a lower-than-average cost of living on things like housing, transportation, and utilities, and you’ll notice how much further your dollar goes here. It all adds up to affordable independent living in North Carolina without the need to compromise.

Active Retirement Communities in North Carolina

With Upside, we approach the concept of “retirement” living differently. While it’s true that you’ll have convenient access to a reliable network of community healthcare providers, the similarities end here. For starters, you’ll get to choose your dream home from our huge selection of apartments near Charlotte or Raleigh-Durham – and you won’t have to worry about hidden fees or monotonous daily schedules. You are in charge of your own destiny when you choose NC senior living from Upside.

NC Senior Living: Four Seasons of Fun

North Carolina has a moderate year-round climate with pleasantly hot summers, a brisk, cool fall and winter, and a lush springtime with flowers and greenery blooming in every direction. With our 55 and over communities in North Carolina, you’ll get four distinct seasons providing the perfect backdrop to take in the sights and sounds this area is famous for.

North Carolina summers are warm, sometimes humid, but never oppressive like the temps you’ll encounter elsewhere along the Atlantic coast. This is the perfect time to experience and enjoy North Carolina’s 300+ miles of coastline, tranquil lakes, and lazy mountain vistas.

The fall and winter seasons in North Carolina bring a noticeable shift in temperature from the warm summer days, but they never feel as stark or as frigid as a winter farther up north. Plus, this time of year is a chance to enjoy your natural surroundings in a whole new light – literally. You’ll be amazed at what you can see on your favorite trails as the leaves begin to fall.

That brings us to spring in North Carolina. Whether you’re considering the Raleigh area or the Charlotte area, our retirement communities in NC are a kaleidoscope of bright, vibrant colors, and lush, green foliage. In comparison, you might find living anywhere without distinguishable seasons to be dull and lacking.

Learn More About Upside Retirement Communities in NC

55 plus communities in North Carolina can be more than great places to retire when they’re Upside communities. That’s because our retirement communities in Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham are structured to bring you all of the benefits while making it easier than ever to get the healthcare you want from a network of reliable community partners. Factor in North Carolina’s favorable tax regulations and world-class entertainment attractions, and you’ll find yourself with a renewed sense of possibility. Browse our selection of 55 and over communities in North Carolina, and elevate your quality of life with our streamlined, all-inclusive apartment experience.

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