Retiring in Kentucky With Upside

Kentucky is synonymous with the Kentucky Derby, a long-standing event known for high-stakes betting, heart-pumping racing action, and magnificent hats that are as fun to wear as they are to marvel at in the stands. Whether you’re a horse racing fan or not, there’s no denying the unique energy generated by the event and the preceding weeks-long festival. As an Upside member retiring in Kentucky, every day can feel like Derby Day. That’s because Upside members get access to a hand-picked selection of premium apartments with convenient access to the attractions and services they want. Let’s explore what makes senior living in Kentucky special. These are not your typical 55+ communities in Kentucky. Instead, imagine choosing the perfect apartment for your way of life from a large selection of floorplans in the area’s most desirable neighborhoods. Sound good so far? Now imagine your own personal concierge, or Upside Manager as we call them, serving as a direct link to the services, activities, and people you care about. Life with Upside is entirely yours to define and we strive to help you pursue your passions, engage with your surroundings, and follow your own path – wherever it leads. But the benefits of becoming an Upside member don’t stop here.

Convenient, Flexible, and Connected – Senior Living in Kentucky

Why not leave the mowing, yard work, and maintenance to the professionals and reinvest that time in what makes you happiest? We offer aging-friendly apartments that are perfect for folks who are ready to put down the rake and pick up a golf club, take in a show, sample exciting new cuisines, or sip on the area’s drink of choice – barrel aged bourbon. Becoming an Upside member also entitles you to personalized monthly services, on-demand options, and a personal Upside Manager to help you get the most out of your benefits.

Tax Benefits of Retiring in Kentucky

If you already love the state for its stunning natural splendor, charming main streets and historical landmarks, there’s one more reason to love senior living in Kentucky: Tax breaks on your retirement income. Kentucky is a retirement-friendly state where Social Security income is not taxed and withdrawals from retirement accounts are exempt up to a considerable sum. That means your retirement income can go further, giving you more flexibility to live the way you want. So go ahead – try that ultra-rare bourbon or treat yourself to something yummy at one of our many local restaurants, pubs, and breweries.

Learn More About Upside Senior Living in Kentucky

55+ communities in Kentucky aren’t your only housing options to consider in retirement. With us, you’re in charge of where you live, what you do, and how you choose to write the next chapter of your life. And combined with Kentucky’s retiree-friendly tax situation, you’ll have more resources to use as you wish. Check out our available apartments and learn more about the benefits of becoming an Upside member.

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