Retiring in Minnesota is a Dream Come True

When the joys of home ownership start to become a little less joyfull, it’s time to start thinking about a better option. If you’re considering moving to a smaller home with less maintenance to worry about, or you’ve always wanted to live in Minneapolis, Rochester, or Fargo, retiring in Minnesota as a member of Upside offers the refreshing change of pace you’re looking for. So what makes this state ideal for active adults 55 years and older? Let’s find out together!

Live Your Dream in Minnesota with Upside

With us, retiring in Minnesota is worlds apart from what most people think of when they picture a typical senior living community, and that’s the way we intended it. Instead, think of your Upside membership as a VIP pass to the best apartments, attractions, and resources near you. Been thinking about 55+ communities near Fargo, Minneapolis, or Rochester, MN? Learn more about the benefits of Upside membership today.

Forget what You Know About Senior Living in Minnesota

The first thing to know about retiring in Minnesota with Upside is that we are not a typical senior living community. With us, you get to select your new home from our hand-picked inventory of unique apartments in great neighborhoods across Fargo, Rochester, and Minneapolis. We have options in all shapes and sizes which makes it easy (and fun) to find the right space for your lifestyle. Plus, Upside members are paired with a personal Upside Manager who acts as a concierge connecting you to the cities’ resources. Here are some of our favorite highlights about retiring in Minnesota:

Minneapolis is known as “the City by Nature” and there’s a great reason for that. Minneapolis offers breathtaking natural beauty through its extensive park system. It’s also balanced by the hustle and bustle of big-city living, so no matter what kind of experience you’re in the mood for, you’ll find it here when you retire in Minneapolis, MN as a member of Upside.

Similarly, Rochester Minnesota has an awesome park system. From Silver Lake Park and Indian Heights Park to Essex Park and beyond, there’s always a new trail to discover. Speaking of discoveries, the thriving arts and culture scene gives residents and visitors alike something new to take in, whether that’s an art exhibit, museum, or performance at the Mayo Civic Center.

Locals agree Fargo is somewhere “north of normal.” And they’re proud of it. For some, that makes retiring in this Minnesota city instantly intriguing. Among the less normal things you can experience in Fargo, MN are: Sipping a cold beverage in an igloo atop a rooftop bar in the dead of winter. Finding a herd of painted buffalo scattered throughout the city. The unexpectedly huge skateboarding scene. A 15-foot Dilly Bar statue at a Dairy Queen in Moorhead. And, yeah. North of normal is about right.

Retiring in Minnesota as an Upside member puts you in the middle of great cities like these where you’re free to explore and live life on your own terms. No hidden fees. No surprises. Just flexible living options in charming cities. See? We told you this wasn’t a normal 55+ community in Minnesota!

All of the Care, None of the Stigma

With Upside+ Powered by TheKey, seniors live in their own apartment in a luxury building, not a sterile facility. But they still have access to support and living assistance from certified on-site care professionals. It’s the perfect solution for seniors who want care and community without the stigma or cost of senior living facilities—and with much more flexibility.

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