Go Beyond Independent Senior Living in Iowa

So you’re ready to be done with time consuming and expensive home maintenance. You’re tired of cleaning rooms in your home no one uses. You’re ready for something new. One thing you’re not ready to do? Slow down. This is where Upside differs from a typical independent living community in Iowa. And there’s a good reason for this. Upside is anything but typical senior living. As a member of Upside, you’ll get to pick your next home from our selection of unique apartments located in great buildings within desirable neighborhoods. And that’s just the start of your member benefits.

Is Retiring in Iowa Good for Taxes?

Starting in 2023, Iowans aged 55 and older are exempt from state taxes on retirement income from individual retirement accounts (IRAs), taxable pensions, and annuities. That means your dollar stretches further when retiring in Iowa, putting more money back in your pocket to experience what makes Iowa such a great place to live, or to squirrel away for a rainy day.

What’s it Like to Retire in Iowa With Upside?

Upside membership is your gateway to Iowa. When you join, you’ll get your own Upside Manager. It’s kind of like having a dedicated concierge to connect you to all things Iowa. The attractions. The community resources. The events and entertainment venues. It’s all just a phone call away, so no matter where your next adventure is, you’ve got an ally who knows what you like and can help you get there.

Des Moines is the capital of Iowa, and is among the fastest growing cities in the Midwest. From delectable regional food favorites and a top-ranked farmers’ market, to hundreds of miles of pristine bike trails to keep you pedaling in between, there’s way more to this city than you might have imagined. Did you know Des Moines is also home to Waveland Golf Course, which is the oldest municipal golf course in the country west of the Mississippi?

Similarly, Cedar Rapids toward the east offers incredible dining, shopping, and entertainment options that will keep you coming back week after week. This arts and culture hub boasts a great live music scene, a bountiful selection of local craft spirits and brews, and an impressive calendar of events that is always chock full of opportunities to experience something new. If you’re bored in Cedar Rapids, you’ve only got yourself to blame!

All of the Care, None of the Stigma

With Upside+ Powered by TheKey, seniors live in their own apartment in a luxury building, not a sterile facility. But they still have access to support and living assistance from certified on-site care professionals. It’s the perfect solution for seniors who want care and community without the stigma or cost of senior living facilities—and with much more flexibility.

Learn More About Independent Senior Living in Iowa

With Upside, there are never any hidden fees to surprise you, and you can finally say goodbye to mowing the grass. Retiring in Iowa as a member is about empowering yourself to start a new chapter on your own terms. Learn more about how to become an Upside member today, and start looking forward to the active, fun lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

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