Housing: The Hidden Health Crisis in Elder Care

In the world of health care, there’s a silent crisis that’s often overlooked: housing. It’s a problem that doesn’t show up in claims data, but it’s one that’s causing untold suffering for many plan members, particularly the elderly. This issue is highlighted in a recent article by Leonard L. Berry, Mary Kummer Naber, Sunjay Letchuman, and Peter Fitzgerald on Harvard Business Review.

The Invisible Problem

The U.S. health care system is not designed to improve the quality of life for the most vulnerable, chronically ill, elderly people, especially those who are poor. These individuals often face loneliness, depression, a lost sense of purpose, and an inability to live independently in their homes. They also encounter many health service hurdles, including inadequate care coordination, fee-for-service reimbursement that often reflexively encourages medical treatment over other forms of care, and a dysfunctional nursing home industry.

Housing and Health: An Intertwined Issue

The housing issue is a health issue. When seniors are unable to live independently in their homes, their health suffers. But this problem doesn’t show up in claims data. It’s a silent issue, one that’s causing suffering for many plan members. And it’s a problem that health plans often don’t know they have.

Upside: A Solution for Aging in the RIGHT Place

At Upside, we recognize this problem and are taking steps to address it. We’re the only National Housing Stability Program that allows seniors to ‘Age in the RIGHT place.’ Our program is designed to uncover and identify members whose health is negatively impacted by housing.

We believe that by addressing the housing issue, we can improve the health and quality of life for our plan members. We’re committed to making a difference in the lives of seniors, and we’re proud to be leading the way in addressing this hidden health crisis.

Upside’s Commitment to Tackling the Housing Issue in Health Care

The housing issue is a silent crisis in the world of health care. But at Upside, we’re not ignoring it. We’re taking steps to address it and improve the lives of our plan members. If you’re a health plan looking to make a difference in the lives of your members, we invite you to join us in addressing this hidden health crisis.

For more information on the issue of housing and health, we encourage you to read the full article on Harvard Business Review. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of seniors and improve the health care system for everyone.

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