Mind: Cognitive Activities and Programs for Upside Members

You understand the importance of staying physically active. Especially as you age, you know there are distinct benefits to keeping your body in shape and staying physically active. Just as you train your body with physical activity, you need to exercise and stimulate your brain. The more you challenge your mind, the better it will be at processing information. Upside understands how important your mind is to your overall well-being. And that’s why we make it as easy as possible for members to access activities and programs that challenge their minds and help them remain healthy in every aspect. What is one way your Upside Manager can help you focus on cognitive growth? Community activities and programs.

Why is Cognitive Stimulation Important for Seniors?

Upside is all about building a retirement lifestyle that is fully tailored to you. We want you to find joy in each day and maximize your freedom in this next chapter of life. By keeping your mind sharp, you can prevent age-related memory decline and maintain an active and independent lifestyle for as long as possible.

Studies have shown that keeping the brain active in all stages of life is valuable. Brain games, puzzles, and other mentally stimulating activities have been proven to help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, prevent cognitive decline, and help seniors stay actively engaged in life.

Since our 55+ premium apartments are designed to maximize your independence and help you make the most of your next chapter of life, it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. That means it’s your responsibility to keep yourself mentally alert and engaged in life around you.

Mind Stimulating Activities and Cognitive Programming

If you’ve researched Upside, you know that we boast hundreds of hand-picked properties across the country for you to consider for your next chapter of life. That means hundreds of unique lifestyle options, fully tailored to your preferences.

So, how do we help you find mind-stimulating activities and programs in your community? From museums to transportation to and from book club, you set your schedule, and our Upside Manager helps make it happen. Just some of the activities we can help you explore in your community include:

Aside from connecting you with local activities and programs, your personal Upside Manager can help coordinate Papa Pal visits to supplement your other activities with friendly game nights, thought-provoking conversations, puzzles, reading and more.

Retirement Your Way at Upside

Traditional senior living communities offer you various on-campus activities and programs to help you enjoy retirement life. But, if you’re looking for more out of your newfound freedom, consider Upside. We offer a completely customized approach to retirement that allows you to embrace this new chapter in any way you see fit. Focus on your mind, body, and soul in a way that is authentically you. Talk to an Upside Advisor to learn how we’re turning the idea of traditional retirement upside-down.

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