Faith-Based Activities and Programs for Upside Members

Spirituality is a significant part of many people’s lives, and as you age, that sense of spirituality often grows even stronger. Luckily for spiritual individuals like yourself, there are still ways to practice faith no matter how you choose to spend your senior years. Many senior living communities provide on-campus worship opportunities for people of varying faiths. While this is an excellent option for many traditional individuals, at Upside, we understand that spirituality can come in many different forms. Our approach to senior living is unique. We don’t limit you to what you can find on a single campus. Instead, we offer you a chance to tailor your next chapter of life to exactly what matters most to you, and if that’s your spirituality, then we are here to support that!

Spiritually-Based Activities and Programming

Because we are such diverse people and our communities are unique, we realize that each person’s spiritual journey may look very different. We never try to push our members into a cookie-cutter approach to life. Instead, we embrace individuality and celebrate it through activities and programming catered to your interests.

Upside boasts hundreds of hand-picked properties across the country for you to consider for your next chapter of life. That means hundreds of unique lifestyle options, fully tailored to your spiritual preferences.

How do we encourage our members’ search for spirituality? Your personal Upside Manager will connect you with other Upside members who share the same views and help you find relevant community organizations if you are open to them.

Aside from connecting you with local activities and programs, your personal Upside Manager can help coordinate transportation to and from church services and assist you in finding local volunteer opportunities.

Why Is Spirituality Important for Seniors?

Spirituality encompasses so much more than just traditional church services. Upside understands the important role faith plays in our members’ lives, so we do everything we can to encourage it in a personalized and genuine way.

For many seniors, spirituality creates a strong sense of community that is at the core of most faith groups. You can form and strengthen valuable relationships by getting involved in your faith and living it fully. Whether it’s through traditional group services or praying with friends, Upside makes it easy to live out your faith every day.

Another reason seniors should continue their spiritual journey when living in one of Upside’s premium 55+ apartments is that practicing religion can help slow cognitive decline and reduce the occurrence of cognitive disorders. Since practicing religion involves socialization and mental stimulation, it’s a great way for seniors to focus on their well-being inside and out.

Retirement Your Way at Upside

Retirement communities are structured to appeal to a large group of seniors. Upside is different. We customize our offerings to you and whatever you envision for your life before or after you retire. We want to help you grow spiritually, cognitively and physically in a way that suits your lifestyle. Upside is a solution for aging adults looking for flexibility; a lifestyle with no restrictions.

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