Housing for Older Adults after a Disaster

Housing for Older Adults After a Disaster—What Next?

If you’re a senior who suffered a fall or you’re a loved one of an older adult whose balance is a concern, you might be wondering whether home is really a safe place after all? The houses we grow families in and have enjoyed for years are not necessarily the best places to thrive later in life. Think about the floor plan you chose 20 years ago—or even five years before now. Are there things you would change like stairs, bathtubs, basement laundry or detached parking? We get it. And you’re not alone.
Falls are a disaster when you’re older. They can mark the start of a downward spiral without assistance. And other physical, mental and emotional upsets can trigger needs at home that can call for a move. The good news is, you have control over the type of community, services, amenities and supports you receive when you select the right independent living for you.

Living Easier

You don’t need the ongoing care of assisted living but a downsized home with modifications will give you the freedom, safety and mobility to continue your everyday life. Upside independent living offers apartments in secure communities with the option for modifications. Amenities like accessible parking, ensuite laundry, walk-in showers and modern appliances are a given.

Transitioning to Independent Living After a Fall or Hospital Stay

There’s a good chance you haven’t seriously considered moving to independent living until now. But after a fall or hospital stay, you might think otherwise. Upside members tell us all the time, “The only regret we have is not moving sooner.” That’s because they appreciate the freedom to choose for themselves and make the most of their time. And after suffering an accident, the overwhelming feeling of caring for a household is stressful and can result in depression, anxiety about how to handle it all, and stress when you have to ask others for help. There’s a better way.

Housing upgrades to make life easier can include:

At Your Service

It’s hard to ask for help sometimes. If you rely on loved ones or friends for rides to appointments or to run errands, you can alleviate the burden and get rid of the guilt with an Upside Manager from Upside that helps arrange transportation, reservations, grocery delivery, meal services or whatever you need. The benefit is, there’s no required commitment. You decide. We customize services and amenities based on your lifestyle and how you want to do your older years. And if your needs change, we’re there to help you plan for next steps with supplemental services and supports so you can age in place as you wish.

The Upside of a Move

In three words, a move can provide peace of mind. Rather than worrying how to adapt an existing home or planning to bring in support professionals, you can select the home you want, where you want, and access amenities that suit your lifestyle.

Just Ask

How can we help you live life to the fullest? Our Upside Managers offer a gateway to independence by coordinating services and connecting you to the conveniences and experiences that mean the most so you can thrive. How can we help?

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