Is It Time to Downsize?

Downsizing for Seniors Looking for Independent Living Options

The home you raised a family in probably feels much too large—and saving bedrooms for every-once-in-a-while visits means more maintenance and housekeeping for you. Even if you’re in an empty-nester house, the floor-plan or amenities you’d like now are probably different. You’re not alone. Let’s face it, our lives and needs change and so do our housing preferences.

Downsizing can feel overwhelming. Should you find a smaller single-family home or rent an apartment close to your comfort zone? Would a 55+ condo community with a homeowners’ association work for you? Is it too soon to consider independent living, and what would that look like?

Upside members tell us all the time, “We wish we would have moved sooner.”

That’s because they can choose their home, amenities, services and extras much like you’d select from a resort menu. It’s not your grandma’s senior living. And the reason so many say they could have done the transition earlier is because it saves multiple moves.

How many times do you really want to downsize?

We think that’s a question you should consider, and because it’s so much easier, less stressful and cost-effective to age in place, Upside has an independent living alternative that gives you the freedom to live life on your terms with customized services, amenities and supports you can select when you choose.

Why Downsize?

There are a number of reasons to downsize—think positive! This is the beginning of your next chapters, and you decide what it looks like, which amenities to select, the services and beyond. Some benefits include cutting costs, simplifying your lifestyle, and moving into a more easy-to-live-in home. You can also move closer to family. And if you need more care, you have access to supplemental services through your Upside Manager, your personal concierge. Also—you can choose your environment, including better weather!

Is it Time to Downsize?

It can be tough to decide whether now is the time to downsize. And deciding when and where to move is not easy either. And often, there are many voices that come into the mix—adult children, relatives, caregivers and friends.

Ready for clarity? Here are some questions to ask to help you decide whether now is the time to downsize and possibly transition into a flexible, customized independent living option.

Prepare to Downsize

Don’t wait. You gain more freedom, opportunity and access to choices you desire if you plan ahead. Rather than waiting and getting forced into a decision, take things into your own hands. We are here to help. Our Upside Managers can help you make an organized, informed plan and facilitate home-hunting, securing your ideal space, moving and transition.

Just Ask

How can we help you live life to the fullest? Our Upside Managers offer a gateway to independence by coordinating services and connecting you to the conveniences and experiences that mean the most so you can thrive. How can we help?

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