Should You Move After Losing a Loved One?

Moving and death are two of the most significant, life-altering events. It’s stressful. When you lose someone you love—whether a spouse you share decades of memories with or a special person who lived with you—often you’re confronting the decision: Should I move? Do I need to move for financial reasons? Would a move be a positive way to move forward with life a loved one would have wanted?

At Upside, we understand that these complex choices often intersect. You’re dealing with grief and a household of reminders. You’re on your own now, and that changes the picture from a social, emotional and financial standpoint.

Exhale. Moving after the loss of a loved one can be a very good thing. In fact, Upside members who have made the transition from living alone in a home to joining a vibrant community where they’re at the helm of deciding what amenities they want and need say the change gave them an opportunity to heal, reinvent themselves, find social connections and thrive.

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Connecting to Conveniences & Amenities

If you lost a husband and he always gardened and managed the bills, suddenly this becomes your job. If you are grieving a wife’s death and she did the shopping, cooking, housekeeping and laundry, the burden now falls on you. And in some households, those roles might be completely reversed. Either way, a loss means doubling up on responsibilities that can become just too much.

This is why many older adults in your situation decide to move into flexible, customized independent living like Upside.

Support When and Where You Need It

It’s not easy to rely on others for rides to appointments or to run errands, help with housekeeping or even figuring out an Internet problem, or conveniences like getting a meal delivered. We get it. At Upside, you’ll get a dedicated Upside Manager that acts as an extension of your family and gets to know your lifestyle. This advocate is your gateway to amenities and services—a go-to without the guilt of asking for help. You can access day-to-day assistance, specialized services, and opportunities to engage and enjoy life. Beyond that, your Upside Manager is a companion who can help problem-solve and plan for the future.

When we talk about activities and services, we do not mean Pinochle and Bingo. (Though if you enjoy those games, so do some of our members!) Upside is more like moving into a resort where you choose from a menu of amenities that work for you. Some conveniences you can take advantage of if you move with Upside include:

The Social Side

You’re used to sharing meals, someone to talk to and a partner who’s present all the time. Now that’s not the case. Home can feel lonely and isolating. And naturally, this can result in depression because loss is sad, and anxiety because you’re dealing with the stresses of bereavement, caring for a household and what to do next. It’s easy to lose other social connections during this difficult time.

With Upside, our members love that they choose what activities to engage in and can choose from small-group socials with those who share their interests or more organized educational, fitness or arts opportunities. The door is wide open when and where you choose to meet new people. And this can be a great, healthy way to move forward after a loss.

What’s Involved in a Move?

This is one of the most common questions we get, and there’s reason why. You want to know—after experiencing a loss, how can I deal with moving now? But actually, following the death of a loved one can be the ideal time to move because it gives you an opportunity to sort through memories to save while gaining clarity from planning your next stage of life.

You don’t have to do this alone. Upside Managers can coordinate third-party moving vendors on your behalf, along with services to help sort, donate, pack, move and unpack your belongings. Downsizing can give you the freedom to focus on hobbies, travel and new experiences.

Some relocation tips from Upside pros:

Just Ask

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