Connection to Supplemental Services

Connecting You to Supplemental Services

Your health and vitality depend on access to supplemental services so you can age in place with the care you need. Preserving the lifestyle you enjoy and assuring the services you need is our priority at Upside, where a personalized Upside Manager, a personal concierge, connects you to the care you need as you age in place. As a population, we’re living longer and staying active—our later years are an opportunity to travel, pursue hobbies and more. But let’s face it, your health is your wealth. Your Upside Manager is a dedicated, accessible life care concierge who can discuss complex issues, make Home visits and arrange for necessary services.

Holistic at Home

At Upside, we focus on the whole person and supporting the lifestyle you want to lead. Our Upside Managers get to know you on a personal level—we are intently focused on supporting you and your loved ones as you transition into the next phases of life. You can lean on us to discuss difficult topics. Our Upside Managers are deeply connected to the medical and healthcare communities and can coordinate with professionals to deliver in-Home care and beyond.

Supporting Families

So many loved ones refer to our Upside Managers as an extension of their families. We’re here to alleviate the stress of overseeing continuous care, and we do that by being a go-to, trusted point person working at the ground level to assess needs and connect members with supplemental services. That can include:

Compassionate & Connected

We understand, there are many reasons you might not fully discuss health needs with even their closest loved ones. You might feel your care needs are adding a burden to adult children who are busy with work and kids. Perhaps you have always been private about medical concerns and feel uncomfortable discussing them with family. Or, you don’t want it to become their “problem,” too.

This is where an Upside Manager can bring peace of mind and make sure you’re getting the supplemental services you need to age in place as you wish. Your Upside Manager is a gateway to services, from conveniences to care. And because we get to know you and your family personally, we can anticipate needs and head off potential healthcare issues before they derail your everyday quality of life. For families, an Upside Manager is a conduit, and you can depend on us to help your loved on thrive and maintain their lifestyle.

Alleviating Complexities

Aging in place successfully—thriving and truly living—requires planning and support. We understand. Our Upside Managers create pathways for accessing the services and care required, when and where you need it. How will you find the right medical specialist? What in-Home help do you really need? What’s involved in negotiating with professionals and information gathering? Your Upside Manager can carry the weight for you and be that one person to call for making all of these arrangements and then some.

Just Ask

How can we help you live life to the fullest? Our Upside Managers offer a gateway to independence by coordinating supplemental services. While Upside does not provide direct care or medical services, we will connect you with a vetted, licensed third party partner.

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