On-Demand Transportation Services From Upside

As a kid, you were always worried about how you would get where you wanted to go. As an adult, you were chauffeur for your children and their friends to and from sporting events and dance recitals. And now, finally, as an older adult, it’s your turn to choose the destination. Upside understands the importance of having the freedom to go where you want, when you want. That’s why we’ve created our 55+ premium apartments to be flexible in a way that accommodates your specific needs. Need a place to park your car? We can help. Need transportation scheduled? Just ask your Upside Manager. We offer flexible transportation options that fit your unique needs.

Why is Transportation Helpful for Seniors?

Getting around can sometimes become more challenging as you age. Since vision provides 85% of the information needed to make safe driving decisions, you might experience issues operating a vehicle as your vision changes. And while it can sometimes feel challenging to admit you need help, Upside makes it as easy as possible.

You won’t be restricted to pre-scheduled transportation options, you won’t have to rely on public transport exclusively, and you won’t have to constantly bug family and friends to get where you need to be. We help you maintain your sense of freedom and independence with various transportation options designed to keep you as active as ever.

And even if you do wish to keep your car, there may be times when utilizing transportation is still a safer, easier option. Meeting friends for drinks after a long day, getting somewhere in a downtown area you’re unfamiliar with, or getting to and from the airport can be easily coordinated with your Upside Manager.

Our transportation options are designed to maximize your safety and independence in a way that simplifies your life.

Need Help Getting Somewhere?

As you age, you might find owning a car isn’t as easy as it once was. Finding parking when you go places, learning to navigate new areas if you relocate, and buying gas and paying for repairs can get costly. So, what are your options if you get rid of your car but still need regular, reliable transportation?

Upside makes it easy to coordinate transportation with your Upside Manager using:

Whether you need a ride to and from an upcoming doctor’s appointment or transportation to the airport when you go visit your children, our Upside Managers can help you coordinate reliable transportation that fits your needs. One-time rides or regular pickups are easy with a personal concierge at your service to get you exactly where you need to be.

If you still enjoy driving, we’re here to support that as well! Unlike traditional senior living communities, we will never limit your freedom or force you to use scheduled transportation. Instead, we’ll help you find the perfect apartment in premier cities across the United States where you can hit the open road and explore all life has to offer.

Retirement Your Way at Upside

Upside is a new and exciting alternative to traditional senior living. We accommodate the needs of older adults without minimizing what their life can be in this next chapter of life. First, we help you select a beautiful apartment from our hand-picked network of options across the United States, and then we connect you with the services you care about. With the support of your dedicated Upside Manager, you can customize your lifestyle in a way that suits you now and in the future. Learn how you can start taking advantage of all Upside has to offer.

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