Connecting You

Rediscover old hobbies. Learn new skills. Meet interesting people.

From Online to In-person Activities, Upside Keeps You Connected.

Upside doesn’t have an activity calendar. Rather, Upside has hundreds of activity calendars – each one tailored by an Upside Manager to satisfy our members’ unique interests, preferences, and goals for personal enrichment. From virtual experiences to in-person events, Upside members truly have access to it all. What could your Upside activity calendar look like? Let’s explore together.

Virtual Experiences. In-person Events. Undeniable Personal Enrichment.

The best way to understand the Upside approach to activities, personal enrichment, and social engagement is through realistic examples similar to those experienced by actual Upside members.

For artists and creators

Upside members tend to be a creative bunch. Plenty of folks count on their Upside Manager to help find local groups and other resources for painting, sculpting, and photography. And if you’re interested in something a little more specific, like watercolor, pastels, black and white photography, or digital media, all it takes is a friendly chit-chat with your Upside Manager. No matter what gets your creative juices flowing, they will help you find the best experiences near you – whether that means in-person groups and clubs or virtual art classes you can enjoy from the comfort of your home.

For movers and shakers

Love a good workout and the company of other people? Enjoy the serenity of yoga in the morning on your porch? Upside Managers help our members find in-person and online groups for all kinds of fun, trendy physical activities – from yoga and Pilates to Hip-Hop dance classes and everything in between. Or maybe you want to enjoy solo activities like a relaxing walk in a nearby park, cycling through a scenic bike path, or doing laps at the community pool – no matter what, we’ll help you fill up your personal calendar with the things that matter to you.

For bookworms

Great books can transport us to unimagined places and open our eyes to new perspectives. Sometimes sharing the journey with others in a group setting – either in-person near you, or virtually on your tablet – can elevate the entire experience, while motivating you to keep turning those pages. So, if a recent medical condition is making it difficult to get out and about, just say the word and your Upside Manager will help you comfortably participate with your fellow bibliophiles.

For movie & theatergoers

Live theater, arthouse cinema, orchestral performances, ballet – if you love experiencing the arts in person, you’ll applaud what your Upside Manager has in store for you. They can help you find out about upcoming events, get great seats, and even get a good bite to eat before or after the performance. Rather take it all in from your favorite chair at home? Let your Upside Manager know and they’ll get you a virtual “front row” seat so you can watch on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Bravo!

For the winers & diners

Love a good meal or crafty cocktail with friends? What about sipping on a latte at a charming local coffee shop? Upside Managers can loop you into the best happy hours near you so you can meet up with other people who share your interests and expand your horizons. Cheers to your next chapter!

Learn More About Activities & Social Engagement with Upside

From regional photography and gardening groups, to painting, standup comedy, and everything under the sun, the possibilities are endless and they’re all yours. If you want to learn more about how all of this fits into your unique experience, Upside advisors are standing by to answer your questions about our activities and social engagement opportunities. If you’re ready to take the conversation to the next level, we’re ready for you!

Don’t Let the Computer or the Commute Get in Your Way

Concerned about computers? Don’t want to drive in bad weather or crazy traffic? Still want to get yourself out there and mix it up with other people? We get it. Plenty of people, regardless of age, have no patience for clunky online experiences or white-knuckle commutes – even if it’s for things they enjoy.

If you have a recent computer or tablet, we’ll get you set up so it’s quick and easy to participate in online groups. Don’t have your own tech? No worries. we’ll get you set up with an appropriate device for easily logging into your online communities. We’ll even make sure it’s configured for you to use from the get-go, so there’s no need to bother your friends or loved ones if you need help.

If you’d rather hang out with people face-to-face but don’t feel like dealing with transportation to and from the event, the Upside approach to activities and social engagement has you covered! Let us arrange transportation both ways so all you have to think about is enjoying the company of your peers, honing your skills, and having fun.

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