Dating Advice for Widows

Finding someone new after losing your husband or wife can be difficult, but we’re here to ease you back into the dating world with the best dating advice for widows. While putting yourself out there again may seem frightening and intimidating, it doesn’t have to be! It’s difficult to imagine a new life with someone else when you’ve spent so much time loving your partner, but reestablishing an identity for yourself and falling in love all over again can be beautiful and liberating. Because contrary to popular belief, the dating scene isn’t just for finding your first love – widows and widowers can join in on the romance, too!

Dating Advice for Widows Looking for New Love

While new love may seem like a teenage pipe dream, we’re here to show you that it’s also for the young at heart! From early widowhood to dating and remarriage, here are our top tips for widows and widowers looking for romance:

1. Listen to Your Intuition

The first and most important step in dating again is to listen to your intuition. Don’t feel rushed to put yourself back out there – you’ll know in your heart when you’re ready for new love. Everyone’s grieving process and relationship timeline looks different, so listen to your own intuition rather than letting others guilt you into moving on before it’s time.

2. Allow Yourself to Move On

If you’re feeling guilty about dating someone new, don’t beat yourself up over it. Guilt is a normal part of the healing process. But if you’re still feeling guilty after the third or fourth date, it may be a sign to take things slow. Giving yourself time to heal is a crucial part of repairing your heart, and it’s essential to pay attention to your feelings when looking for new love. However, going on a few dates is a great way of testing the waters, and oftentimes it can help you determine if you’re ready for something more.

3. Be Honest About Your Past (But Don’t Relive It)

Honesty is absolutely essential when it comes to dating, whether you’re a widow or not. If you try to hide a late spouse from your new partner, you’re missing an opportunity to truly connect with another person. By opening up to your new partner about your late spouse, you create a safe space in which you can talk openly about your past. However, don’t use your date as an impromptu therapist. It’s important to strike a balance between honesty and consideration for your new partner. And remember, dating is supposed to be fun! 

4. Look to the Future

While it may be difficult to live in the here and now when you’re constantly reminded of your late spouse, focusing on the future can help you process your grief and heal. And by working to remain fully present with a new dating partner, you’ll enjoy yourself even more! Getting to know someone new is a breath of fresh air, so try asking your date about their hopes and dreams for the future. Are they interested in travel? Are they looking to adopt a new pet? Have they started any new hobbies lately? Ask, and you may realize you have more in common than expected.

5. Take Your Time

Try not to rush into anything, and don’t push yourself into a relationship you’re not ready for. Losing a spouse affects your health and wellbeing, so it’s important to take time to heal before putting yourself out there again. Don’t feel pressured to rush into something new when you’re still grieving a loss. But when you’re ready to open yourself up to new experiences, don’t hesitate! Dating someone new can breathe new life into your retirement. 

6. Don’t Rush Commitment

Don’t feel pressured to commit to a long-term, serious relationship if you’re not interested in one. Keeping your romance light-hearted and open is a great way to enjoy getting to know someone. When you don’t expect every dinner date to turn into a romance for the ages, you can have more fun while easing yourself back into the dating scene. Keep in mind that it’s important to be upfront about your plans, to avoid hurting your date’s feelings and your own if you’re not on the same page. 

7. Avoid Comparison

With so many fish in the sea, try to live in the here and now and approach a new partner on their own terms. While it’s only natural to compare your date to your late spouse, doing so will cause you more grief in the long run. Instead of reliving your past, try to appreciate the joys of your new single life. Focus on the beautiful potential of finding new love, and take this opportunity to seek out qualities that align with your current self rather than your past self. This could be the start of something amazing!

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