Laying the Foundation for Health Equity

Health equity is all about giving everyone a fair shot at living their healthiest life, no matter their socio-economic or demographic background. It’s a simple, yet powerful idea that drives what we do at Upside. Our Housing Stability benefit is a clear reflection of this idea, aiming to better plan for health equity and, in turn, guide members towards healthier living conditions.

Enhancing Access to Stable Housing

Unwavering Commitment: Our Housing Stability benefit centers on the basic need for stable housing. By ensuring secure housing, we provide a solid foundation for members to cultivate a healthy living environment, setting the stage for better health equity.

Inclusive Outreach: Reaching out to a wide range of individuals, from well-resourced individuals to single grandmothers facing tough circumstances, Upside thrives on inclusivity. We’re here to help bridge the health equity gaps that exist across health plans.

Maria’s Journey to a Safer Home

Maria, a 75-year-old widow, was living in a substandard housing unit with numerous safety hazards. Through Upside’s housing stability program, she was able to move into a safer, affordable apartment within a community that provided better access to healthcare services and recreational facilities. This transition not only improved Maria’s living conditions but also provided a stable environment conducive to better health outcomes.

Key Takeaway: By facilitating access to safe and stable housing, Upside alleviates health risks associated with substandard living conditions, thus promoting better health outcomes.

Tailored Health Equity Goals

Unique Plan Adaptations: Every plan has its own set of health equity targets, shaped by the unique needs and demographics of the populations they serve. Our benefit flexes to fit these unique contours, adopting a tailored approach to propel health equity forward.

Holistic Understanding: By diving deep into the nuanced needs of different demographics, we align our offering with the distinct health equity goals of each plan, ensuring a more precise, impactful reach.

Tom’s Tailored Plan

Tom, a 68-year-old diabetic patient, was struggling to manage his condition due to his unstable living situation. Upside’s program assessed Tom’s unique needs, aligning him with a housing situation conducive to managing his diabetes, including proximity to a healthcare facility for regular check-ups and a community with fitness amenities to encourage physical activity.

Key Takeaway: Upside’s tailored approach addresses individual health needs by aligning housing stability with personalized health equity goals, leading to improved management of chronic conditions.
Financial Spectrum Consideration:

Financial Spectrum Consideration

Socioeconomic Sensitivity: Our benefit shows a keen understanding of the financial spectrum, catering to the needs of individuals across a variety of socioeconomic statuses, ensuring no member is left behind in the pursuit of better housing stability.

Comprehensive Support: Offering support that goes beyond financial hurdles, we’re creating an environment where every member, no matter their economic standing, has the opportunity to live a stable, healthy life.

A Perfect Match for Affordability

Amid rising living costs, Joan and Ellen, both in their early 70s, found themselves stretched thin financially. Their fixed incomes were barely covering the escalating rents, let alone their healthcare needs. Through Upside’s program, they were matched as roommates in an affordable, comfortable apartment. The reduced living expenses allowed both Joan and Ellen to allocate more of their resources towards healthcare and nutritious meals, significantly enhancing their quality of life.

Key Takeaway: By facilitating affordable living arrangements through roommate matching, Upside helped them reallocate financial resources to critical areas of health, promoting a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Measurable Impact:

Positive Living Conditions: Our Housing Stability benefit not only aims for better health equity but also delivers measurable improvements in living conditions. By stabilizing the living situations of our members, we create a conducive environment for enhanced health and well-being.

Long-term Health Equity Advancements: Our plan benefit is more than a fleeting effort; it’s a long-term dedication to advancing health equity. By continually assessing and adapting our benefit, we’re committed to making lasting strides towards a healthier, more equitable society.

Community Health Index Improvement

In a low-income referral population, Upside’s housing stability program was introduced to address prevalent housing issues. Post-intervention, the community’s Health Index showed measurable improvement. The program not only ameliorated housing conditions but also fostered community engagement, facilitated better access to healthcare services, and improved mental health outcomes among residents.

Key Takeaway: Upside’s interventions lead to measurable improvements in community health metrics, showcasing the tangible impact stable housing has on promoting health equity.

Advancing Our Mission

The journey towards health equity is filled with hurdles, but with innovative solutions like Upside’s Housing Stability benefit, Upside is making steady progress, transforming health equity from a lofty goal into an attainable reality. We’re on a mission to continually refine our benefit, embrace the diverse needs within our community, and strengthen the health equity narrative, one plan at a time.

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