Building Blocks of Stable Housing

Safety, First

Upside is deeply involved in creating housing environments that support a good quality of life, helping to ease housing-related worries and stresses. While we know we can’t control everything from the outside, our aim is to offer housing solutions that meet safety regulations and standards, making sure our members have a safe place to call home.

Real-World Impact: Rediscovering Independence at Home

James, a 68-year-old retired schoolteacher, faced mobility challenges due to arthritis, making daily tasks daunting. With Upside’s intervention through In-Home Assessment and Remediation, modifications like handrails, a stairlift, and bathroom adjustments were made. This not only enhanced his mobility but also improved his mental well-being by reducing the risks of falls and potential hospitalizations.

Affordable & Accessible

Affordability is a fundamental aspect of stable housing. Housing should be priced reasonably so it doesn’t consume too much of a member’s income, allowing them to cover other basic needs comfortably. By championing affordability, housing remains accessible and avoids becoming a financial burden, contributing to the overall stability of the housing situation for our members.

Real-World Impact: Finding a New Home and a Fresh Start

Clara, a 70-year-old former nurse, faced financial stress due to rising rents in a deteriorating neighborhood. Upside’s Housing Navigation and Stabilization Support helped her relocate to a safer, affordable community. This transition not only alleviated her financial stress but also improved her overall well-being by reducing stress-related health issues and enhancing social interactions.


Sustainability in housing creates a setting where our members can keep their living situations stable over time. While we can’t promise a shield against eviction or financial ups and downs, Upside offers reliable housing solutions. This lays a solid foundation for our members, giving them a platform to plan for the future with a greater sense of security.

Real-World Impact: Sharing a Home, Sharing Costs

Raj and Samuel, both facing financial challenges, were introduced by Upside and decided to share a home, combining their resources. This shared living arrangement not only reduced their financial strain but also improved their mental health, social support, and sense of purpose.

Towards a Future of Stable Housing

Upside’s mission is to harmoniously blend these core principles to foster housing stability for our members. Through a blend of affordability, safety, and sustainability, Upside provides a stable housing framework that meets the immediate needs of our members and positions them favorably for future stability. As strategies and actions align with these core principles, we move a step closer towards ensuring our members have access to housing environments that are conducive, secure, and have the potential for long-term stability, positively impacting their life and health outcomes. Join us on this meaningful journey as we work towards redefining stable housing standards that resonate across the community and the industry at large.

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