Jake Rothstein Unpacks the Revolutionary Intersection of Housing and Health Care

Meet the Change-Maker: Jake Rothstein’s Bold Leap from Personal Challenge to Industry Innovation

Imagine watching a loved one struggle with the everyday tasks we often take for granted, like caring for a spouse with Alzheimer’s. Now, picture realizing that the very systems meant to help are actually part of the problem. This was the harsh reality for Jake Rothstein, co-founder of Papa and now the trailblazing CEO of Upside, who joined the Planetary Health First, Mars Next podcast to share his game-changing vision for the future of senior living.

Jake’s entrepreneurial fire was lit by a personal challenge that many face in silence: finding adequate care for an aging loved one when the traditional models just don’t cut it. From this challenge, Papa was born—a service connecting college students with seniors for companionship and help around the house. But Jake didn’t stop there. His journey led him to Upside, a company that’s redefining what it means to age with dignity through innovative housing solutions.

Rethinking Aging: It’s Not Just About Staying Put, It’s About Staying Right

“We’ve all heard about ‘aging in place,’ but what does that really mean when the place isn’t right anymore?” Jake posed this critical question during the podcast, challenging the conventional wisdom that aging at home is always the best scenario. With Upside, Jake shifts the focus from aging in place to aging in the right place—a tailored environment that adapts to the needs of seniors as they change.

The Reality of Aging Needs: More Than Just a Roof Overhead

Through touching anecdotes about his grandparents, Jake illuminated the stark gaps in our current senior care framework—gaps that often leave seniors isolated and families frustrated. Upside’s answer? A flexible, supportive living model that goes beyond traditional senior housing. They’re creating spaces where older adults aren’t just housed; they’re supported in a way that maintains their independence and honors their need for community.

The Strategy: Leverage Technology, Build Partnerships, and Transform Health Care

What makes Upside not just different, but better? Their revolutionary approach to harnessing real-time data and building robust partnerships with health plans. Jake detailed how Upside curates a network of vetted, safe, and accessible apartments nationwide, ensuring that every housing option meets stringent standards.

Collaborating for Greater Impact

A pivotal part of Upside’s success is its strategic collaborations with health plans. By integrating housing stability into health care plans, Upside doesn’t just place seniors into apartments; they place them into homes designed to enhance their health and well-being. This integration has shown promising results in reducing hospital visits, lowering health care costs, and improving overall life quality.

Scaling the Vision: Future Goals and the Path Forward

Looking ahead, Jake is not content to rest on his laurels. He outlined ambitious goals for Upside in 2024 and beyond, emphasizing the importance of building trust—not just with seniors and their families but also within the larger health care ecosystem.

Humanizing Health Care Through Housing

One of Jake’s key points was the potential of housing to humanize health care. By starting the conversation with housing, Upside is able to unlock a deeper understanding of each senior’s unique needs and preferences. This approach doesn’t just solve practical problems; it restores dignity and agency to those often left feeling powerless by the aging process.

The Heart of Innovation

In his conversation on Planetary Health First, Mars Next, Jake Rothstein didn’t just share a business model; he shared a movement. Upside isn’t merely a company; it’s a clarion call to rethink how we care for our aging population.

As Jake wrapped up his time on the podcast, he left us with a powerful reminder: “It’s not just about creating places for seniors to live. It’s about creating spaces where they can thrive.” This vision for a future where every senior lives in the right place, not just any place, is not only inspiring—it’s necessary.

As we look to the future, let’s carry forward the lessons from leaders like Jake Rothstein. Let’s continue to challenge the status quo, innovate with compassion, and build a world where aging is not a burden but an opportunity for continued growth and community.

Remember, the journey of innovation is long and fraught with challenges, but as Jake has shown us, it’s also filled with immense possibilities. Join us in watching where Upside heads next, and consider what changes you can champion in your own sphere to make a difference.

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