Hi, Tech

From WiFi Woes to Smartphone Saviors

Technology at Home

Who do you call when the WiFi goes down? How can you get Netflix up and running again, and why is your smartphone so glitchy? Tech troubles can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety, plus it can shut down vital social connections. Your Upside Manager (personal concierge) is a go-to when technology challenges disrupt your life. And we understand, it’s more than missing out on a favorite program. Media represents a social and emotional outlet for many of us, and when it’s just not working, we feel at a loss. Upside has a solution for that. Your Upside Manager is all the support you need because with a single phone call, you can access compassionate, responsive care. We’ll troubleshoot for you, or for more complex issues our Upside Managers arrange for service. Rather than wondering, “Who do I call? What do I do?” you can rest assured that your Upside Manager is prepared to get you up and running so you can continue enjoying life as you wish.

Always Up

Uptime is all the time with Upside because our services are available to all members, no matter your location. Rather than relying on adult children for tech help, a quick phone call to your dedicated concierge will get the ball rolling. We provide remote services or in-person tech support when necessary.

We also offer training—the basics, learning how to use apps, using video—so you can grow confidence in your technology capabilities. We want you to feel comfortable with your smartphone, tablet, computer and streaming devices because we know what an important link these tech tools are to loved ones. Not to mention, you can explore interests, visit museums across the world virtually, take online classes and more.

Growing Connections

Technology opens a gateway of possibilities for socializing, maintaining relationships, staying safe, tracking your health, managing medication, learning, accessing conveniences and even virtual travel. You can exercise or go bowling by yourself or with others. You can see and experience museums, performances and more online and share the fun with those you love. As our world becomes more tech-enabled, our Upside Managers are there to help you navigate what’s new. Because we know you so well and understand what your priorities are, we can identify technologies that make sense for your lifestyle.

Alexa: Call My Upside Manager

We want to help you take advantage of evolving technology that can make living easy. Your Upside Manager can help you feel comfortable using Amazon for grocery shopping, streaming your favorite movies and calling loved ones via video. Once you literally see how close you can stay in touch with those you care about, you’ll love the way technology can enhance your life. And we are there to help make that happen for you.

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