Membership: $3,000/year or $299/month

Take Upside With You Wherever You Call Home

Your Upside membership goes where you go. Your current home. The new place you’ve got lined up. Or the place you didn’t know you’d fall in love with at first sight. That’s the beauty of the basic Upside membership plan. You’re an independent older adult. You’ve earned every mile on your odometer and you’re excited for the miles yet to come. What you’re looking for now is a little extra support for the road ahead. For you, it’s not that you particularly need any fancy services, you just like knowing they’re here for you. Let us tell you some more about it.

There’s No Place Like Home. Your Home.

People who are happy in their current homes or who have a “longtime” home that still meets their needs will often choose the basic Upside membership because it offers everything they want to make staying put not just a possibility but a real pleasure. Here’s what we mean.

Your current home has served you well, and with just a few little adjustments it might be able serve you well for years to come. If you’re still able to get around your place safely and comfortably, joining Upside gives you a whole new perspective on what’s possible where you are now.

Upgrade Your Membership a La Carte

Liking the looks of the core Upside membership but want to add a few premium services here and there? No problem. The base membership can be enhanced with an a la carte menu – only pay for what you want! You could add our local transportation services and daily meals, for example, while skipping things you may not need right now, like daily CNA visits.

  • Two Daily Gourmet Meals
  • Housekeeping
  • Local Transportation
  • Papa Pal Companion Visits
  • Daily CNA Visits

Dedicated Upside Manager

Your Upside Manager is your gateway to an array of bespoke services, social opportunities, and everyday conveniences. Our goal is to remove the annoying obstacles between you and the things you love so you can capture more time to enjoy the life you imagine.

Activities & Community Events

Feel like doing something cool? Something fun, new, or exciting? What about something chill… something comforting and predictable? If you put a checkmark next to any of these options, then definitely check with your Upside Manager first. They have their fingers on the pulse of your community and they know what’s worth checking out – and what’s worth skipping. But your Upside Manager is more than just a walking encyclopedia of community events and attractions. That’s because they can also help you rediscover old passions or fall in love with new hobbies. For example, if you want to learn how to play the hottest video games like Fortnite or Minecraft, we can help you find a class or a group. Got a creative itch? Try something out of the ordinary like learning how to decorate a fancy cake or a painting class paired with a wine tasting.

Tech Support

When you can’t remember your wifi password or how to print a document with your wireless printer you could call your kids. Or a friend. Or even your neighbor. With Upside, you don’t have to burden any of those people. Your Upside Manager will get your tablet, phone, smart TV, wi-fi, and anything else you can think of, working the way it should. And if they can’t, they’ll set you up with someone who can.

Free Grocery Delivery

Sure, you could go to the grocery store like a “normie.” Or you could save that for us. We’re happy to cross off your shopping list and deliver the goods directly to your door.

Other Perks of Upside Membership

You’re an independent older adult. You’ve earned every mile on your odometer and you’re excited for the miles yet to come. What you’re looking for now is a little extra support for the road ahead. For you, it’s not that you particularly need any fancy services, you just like knowing they’re here for you.

Insurance Benefit Utilization

Ahh health insurance. We all pay for it one way or another, but we don’t always use it to the fullest. Your Upside Manager can sniff out missed opportunities with your health insurance – and help you get back on track – like a well-trained bloodhound. Whether you’re paying too much for medication or you’re not taking advantage of the free or reduced-price benefits your plan offers, we leave no stone unturned.

In-home Safety Assessments

If you’re not sure your current home is as safe as it could be, an in-home safety assessment is a great place to start. Included with your membership, a safety assessment can help identify and mitigate potential hazards before they have a chance to become hazardous to your wellbeing.

Discounted Retrofitting

Obstacles like stairs are no match for Upside members. We can help you retrofit your current home – or the home you’re moving to – so it’s safer and easier for you to get around. From installing sturdy grab bars and no-slip surfaces to accessibility aids like ramps, elevators, and chair lifts, members can get discounted retrofitting services from our reliable partners.

Home Care Referrals

When recovering from an illness, injury, or medical procedure, we can help you get the right level of home care so you can keep on living the dream. We can also set you up with our fall detection and medication reminder services for added peace of mind.

Non-skilled Geriatric Care Management

Upside members don’t need to navigate the health care system alone. When you join Upside, you can get help with care-related decisions, finding useful resources within the community, keeping track of appointments, or even basic advice when you’re not sure what to do next. For example, we can help you find new care providers after a move or if your family is unable to help.

But What Will the Kids Say?

We raise our kids to be better than ourselves. Which is why it’s so aggravating when they use our parenting against us! Look – they just want us to be safe, smart, and happy. If you’re fortunate to have adult children, close friends, or other loved ones who care about you, they will likely have questions about Upside. What it is. How it works. And if it’s the right fit for you. This is a good thing! We will happily answer any questions and spend as much time with your loved ones as needed to make sure everyone feels positively thrilled with what comes next.

It’s not always possible to be near the people we care about most. For adult children, this reality often comes with strong feelings of guilt. We get it. Some Upside Managers are adult children, too, and this is the life experience with which they approach their roles. It’s what informs their interactions with members and their families.

So, Which Upside are You?

Ready to learn more about our membership tiers? Then we are ready to help! Fill out the contact form to start a conversation, and together we’ll help you find the perfect Upside membership tier and selection of add-ons.


Perfect for anyone who wants to stay in their current home or who already has their next pad lined up. Adding the core Upside membership makes it easier and more fun to live your next chapter. But, it’s also just the beginning of what we offer.

Upside Home

Interested in choosing a home from our selection of certified aging-friendly apartments? Still want all the great perks of the core membership? Learn more about the benefits of joining Upside Home.

  • Partner Apartment
  • Home Maintenance
  • One Bill Simplicity
  • Coordinated Move In
  • Utility Setup & Management
$3,000/year + Rent & Utilities

Upside Plus

Daily care, services, and support in one of our amenity-rich partner apartment buildings. Plus, daily certified nursing assistant visits, Papa Pal companion visits, two gourmet meals per day, local transportation, and housekeeping. Get more info about Upside Plus.

  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Visits
  • 1, 2 or 3 Bedroom Apartment
  • Utilities (Water, Trash, Electric, Cable, Internet)
  • Renters Insurance Coverage
  • Papa Pal® Companion Visits
  • Two Fresh Gourmet Meals per day
  • Local Transportation
  • Housekeeping
Starting at $6,500/month

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6365 NW 6TH Way, Suite 200

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309