UpsideHōM Rebrands as Upside & Launches Upside+

September 19, 2022

Meet Upside — why we’ve changed our name & what it means for our members

Today, we’ve updated our name and branding to reflect our transition from a shared senior housing solution into an aging platform that gives older adults access to higher levels of care and support. Learn more about the brand change, Upside’s history, and our vision for the future here.

Why “Upside”?

As of today, we’re taking on a new name: Upside.

Before now, we were known as UpsideHōM, a name that reflected our origins as a housing option for seniors who were not ready for an institutionalized care setting. Our offering is evolving to meet the expanding needs of older adults and their families. Upside is building the largest senior living community in the world, without laying a single brick. As Upside, our new identity matches our vision for the future of senior housing. Our new name comes from the concept of always looking at the upside of life — we’re helping older adults see their lives in a new light and providing access and assistance to services that support them as they age.

“From the start, we knew we wanted to grow with our members and part of that growth is adjusting to their needs as they age in our communities,” said Jake Rothstein, Upside co-founder and CEO. “Although housing plays a pivotal role in our business model, we are rebranding from UpsideHōM to Upside to reflect the scope of our offerings beyond providing just a home. We want to be an ‘aging’ company where our members can grow older with us while being able to access the resources and support that evolves with their needs.”

What’s changing? What’s not?

Don’t worry — we’re still focused on older adults wellbeing. And we’re still constantly improving our market-leading services and nationwide apartments. Our members will continue to have the same access to their Upside Manager as they had before — in addition to getting access to additional care and support through our partnership with TheKey. We’re also building out exciting new offerings, expanding our Housing is Health mission, and building a more extensive platform for housing navigation. As Upside, our brand now matches our expansive outlook for what we envision senior housing will look like in the future.

What’s changing:

Our new corporate brand is transitioning from UpsideHōM to Upside. You’ll also notice some very minor changes in our naming conventions:

HōM Manager → Upside Manager
HōM Advisor → Upside Advisor

Our new website address is

Our new social media channels are:

What’s not changing:

We’re still dedicated to enable older adults to age in place. Not any place, the RIGHT place — in addition to expanding our care and support. You’ll still have the same access to our library of aging content on our blog.

Upside+ is for residents in need of higher levels of care and support for ADLs.

Upside announced the launch of Upside+ – a revolutionary new product that offers enhanced care, resources and support for residents who require higher levels of assistance. With plans to expand into 100 new markets across the U.S. by the end of 2022, the South Florida-based company now supports Upside+ members with dedicated, on-site certified caregivers while promoting companionship, community engagement and more.

“With more than 30 percent of our members now requesting an extra layer of support and care, we focused on making sure we could meet their needs and keep them out of institutionalized settings,” adds Peter Badgley, Upside co-founder and COO. “This level of care support at this cost simply doesn’t exist in the market today outside of the ‘senior living facility.’ As we continue to focus on enhancing the quality of life for older adults, it was a natural next step to increase levels of senior care at Upside.”

The addition of Upside+ will provide members with a variety of resources including: everyday on-site care delivered by certified nursing assistants; non-clinical care management; referrals to top-tier physicians and specialists; chef-prepared meals; transportation; and more. Starting at $6,000 in the South Florida market, the program will include all rent and utilities, daily certified caregiver support, and on-site community events. Residents will be assigned a dedicated Care Manager and a certified caregiver to assist with their day-to-day needs – from safety checks and medication management to grocery delivery, pet care, light housework and even help with bathing and transferring.

Founded in response to the lack of quality options for independent seniors, Upside has created a brand new category of senior living within vibrant, traditional, amenity-rich apartment communities – as opposed to a purpose-built ‘senior living’ facility – with the ease of one-bill simplicity. Members interested in Upside+ will start the process like traditional Upside members – working with the team to find a luxury apartment in an area that they love and fits their lifestyle. The Upside team will help coordinate the move and then, once settled, connect the resident to their Care Manager and caregiver who will serve as their main points of contact to organize services, care and more.

About Upside:

Upside is the only fully managed living option for older adults and is an entirely new category of senior living. The company utilizes modern apartments in vibrant, safe, amenity-rich apartment communities and provides a turnkey and frictionless living experience for those who desire simplified living, later in life.


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