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Health & Wellness Services for Upside Members

With an Upside membership, you’ve got an inside-source for getting more health- and wellness-related goodness out of each day. That’s because members tell us they see their Upside Manager as a dedicated partner who wants to see them kick butt in all that they do. Here are some of the specific services we can offer around the day-to-day management of your general health, happiness, and overall well being.

Health Insurance & Benefits Navigation

Did you know insured Americans leave billions of dollars on the table in underutilized health insurance benefits and other forms of health and wellness aid? These aren’t handouts, either. These are real benefits and support programs that you’ve worked hard for and in some cases are currently paying for. But many people remain in the dark about these opportunities because it’s difficult to find information about them. Not for members of Upside.

Upside members have an advocate on their side called an Upside Manager. This person is well-versed at helping folks understand and utilize the full extent of their health insurance benefits. We start with an in-depth analysis of your existing benefits to uncover any unused services, features, or programs that could be helpful to you or your loved one. Sometimes our members are surprised to learn that they already had access to meal services or prescription delivery as part of their coverage plan.

With the full scope of your insurance benefits in clear view, the Upside Manager can help make sure you get what’s specified in your coverage plan. From ensuring your bills are accurate and paid on time, to advocating on your behalf with your insurance company, your Upside Manager has your back, and members love the peace of mind that comes along with that.

Medicare Navigation

Medicare benefits vary from state to state. If you intend to age in place in your current home, that’s not such a big deal. However, if you’d like to relocate to a different state, these variances can come between you and the coverage you were expecting. Naturally, you’ll also need to find new doctors who are in-network.

With an Upside membership, you don’t need to worry as much about any of these concerns. That’s what your Upside Manager is for! They can start transferring your insurance benefits over to your new state before you move so you’re ready to go from day one – or very early on during your move-in. This will help you avoid a lapse in coverage, making the whole transition far less stressful.

Health & Wellness Conveniences

Personal aging plan

Doing anything well, including aging, means having a plan in place to help ensure you hit your personal goals. But even the best laid plans can be undermined without a support system for consistent follow-through and personal accountability. It’s one thing to want to be more physically active or to want to adopt healthier eating habits. Actually following through with those goals not only takes personal commitment, but also one-on-one coaching and encouragement from someone who understands what you want and how to help you get it.

Your Upside Manager will help set smart, actionable goals that meet you where you are now. And then, they’ll check in with you to see how you’re doing, where you’re thriving, and where there might be additional opportunities to strengthen and support your aging plan. Learn more about personalized aging plans with Upside.

Diet and nutrition support

Good input equals good output. A healthy diet that checks off all your nutritional boxes is a huge win for long-term health. Sometimes, though, following through with your diet plan is inconvenient. We can help put the goodness back onto your plate by making it easy for you to get everything you need to realize your nutrition plan. Tell us what your nutritionist recommends, and we’ll help you get more of those things onto your plate through our grocery delivery service.

Physical activity & exercise support

When you’re ready to take your current exercise routine to the next level, or add new activities to the mix, we’ll help you switch things up with new options that support your goals.

Everyday Conveniences

Appointment coordination and reminders

Even for the most organized among us, setting up appointments – and remembering to go to them – is almost a full-time job by itself. Whether you’re someone who sees several care providers on a regular basis or someone who only stops in for periodic tune-ups, it’s easy to miss an appointment.

Worse, sometimes rescheduling means you might have to wait a while for the next opening. Depending on your health needs, this can be a mild annoyance or a major obstacle. But no matter which one it is, your Upside Manager can prevent it from happening in the first place.

Prescription discounts & delivery

Everyone knows Medicare (Part D) helps you pay for your prescription medications. But when it comes to getting the lowest prices on your meds, it’s not the only game in town. Upside Managers know this and they routinely check for third-party discounts on the meds you need for your care.

Oh – and physically going to the pharmacy to pick up your items is over, if you want it to be. We’ll arrange to have your medications delivered to your doorstep. That can save you tons of stress and hassle – especially if you live in a state that gets snowfall. Unless, of course, you enjoy waiting in line.

Transportation to and from

Getting to your appointments on time and back home when they’re over is easy for Upside members. That’s because members who prefer to transport themselves can do as they please, while members who don’t drive or are receiving care that makes it difficult, unsafe, or uncomfortable to drive can get where they need to go.

Finding area specialists

If you’re currently seeing medical specialists, your Upside Manager can help you find new in-network practitioners. Whether you’re looking for a specialist who is closer to home, or you’d like to work with someone more in-tune with your personal goals, we can help you find the in-network care you want.

Grocery and meal delivery

Sometimes you may want to physically go to the grocery store yourself. That’s fine. Other times, you might not want to leave the house. That’s fine, too. But whether you’re just not feeling well, or you’re just too busy, a hot meal delivered to your door, or a bag full of beautiful, fresh produce can turn any day around.

One-bill Simplicity

Instead of receiving separate statements for your rent, utilities, and Upside Home membership fees, we simplify billing with one easy-to-read statement. This makes it easier to see how much of your money is going toward monthly rent, and how much is for your Upside Home membership dues. If you took advantage of any Upside service add-ons, like local transportation or daily meals, you’ll also see an itemized list for the billing cycle.

Learn More About Health & Wellness Services from Upside

Wondering how all of this fits into your unique situation? Friendly Upside advisors are standing by to answer your questions about our health and wellness services, our membership tiers, and how to tell if Upside is the right fit for you or a loved one. If you’re ready to take the conversation to the next level, give us a call today.

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