Moving Out-of-State? Must-Dos for Avoiding Hassles

Moving is never easy to wrap your head around. Especially if you’ve lived in your house for decades, the prospect of relocating out of state can be too much stress to handle. Stop. Take a deep breath and remember why you want to relocate. If your adult children have moved out of state, you’re ready to start your retirement dreams, or you need a change of scenery, relocating as an older adult offers you a fresh start!

The key to moving out of state is avoiding many everyday hassles that make relocating challenging. By following some simple steps, you can minimize stress and maximize your excitement about this next chapter of your life.

5 Must-Dos for Avoiding Hassles When Relocating

No matter where you plan to move, whether it’s the sunny beaches of Florida or the hustle and bustle of New York, there are some steps you need to take to avoid unnecessary stress and make your move a positive experience.

1. Research your new city

While this may seem obvious, you want to give yourself a headstart when you relocate. By knowing more about your neighborhood before you move, you’ll feel much more comfortable when you are finally ready to settle in.

2. Explore the cost of living differences

Depending on where you’re moving from, there may be some adjustments you’ll have to make in your budget. Especially if you’re on a fixed income or entering retirement, you’ll want to use a cost of living calculator online to check out the costs associated with transportation, food, household expenses, and taxes. If you’re moving into an Upside apartment, you can rest assured you’ll know your expected monthly expenses upfront so you can start budgeting.

3. Moving and storage options

If you’re downsizing from a single-family home to a luxury apartment, you’ll more than likely have to downsize your belongings. Whether you invest in long-term storage or choose to sell some of your belongings, you’ll want to do this well before relocating. Only move the furniture and items you’ll actually use in your new place to save money, time, and major headaches as you pack.

4. Update your address and ID cards

If you’ve lived in your current home for many years, it may take a little longer to get your information moved to your new address out of state. Take some time early in the moving process to submit a change-of-address form with the USPS and visit the DMV in your new state to get an updated driver’s license or ID card. Some of these things can take time, so the sooner you change things over, the better.

5. Make plans right away

Don’t wait too long after you move out-of-state to start making plans to explore your new neighborhood. As an older adult, you never want to feel isolated or alone. By trusting your Upside Manager to help you plan some outings, you can start taking advantage of all your new neighborhood has to offer.

After you’ve found a new place to call home through Upside, it’s time to start getting ready for the exciting next chapter that awaits you. Speak with an Upside Advisor to start planning your move and getting ready for your out-of-state relocation.

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