Benefits of Meal Delivery Services for Older Adults

Do you love cooking but find the idea of grocery shopping stressful or unenjoyable? Maybe you have specific dietary needs and hate sifting through the aisles trying to find the right ingredients. Perhaps you just returned from the supermarket and forgot a couple of items on your list. These are just a few of the scenarios that can be easily solved by participating in meal delivery services.

What are the benefits of meal delivery services?

Those who take advantage of meal delivery services enjoy a variety of benefits. It’s a convenient option that lets someone else do the shopping, saving you hours of time driving, strolling through the store and waiting in line. Bad weather? No problem. You can spend the day inside, staying comfortable and dry while someone else brings your groceries to your doorstep.

Not only are meal delivery services a huge time saver, they also are cost-effective. Think of how much money you spend at the grocery store on things that catch your eye but aren’t necessary or healthy. By letting someone else do the shopping, it’s easier to stick to a budget and avoid the temptation of buying things you don’t need. Knowing the benefits meal delivery options can provide older adults, Upside makes these services even more affordable by offering them at discounted rates to members.

Meal delivery services also ensure that you always have fresh, nutritious food in your fridge and pantry. Whether you desire variety, have specific dietary restrictions or prefer sticking to a weekly plan, meal delivery services are made for you. Those who participate in meal delivery services also are more likely to eat a well-balanced diet, so you can feel good about taking charge of what you eat and making healthy, thoughtful decisions about your daily meals and snacks. Like Upside, meal delivery services elevate your life and provide a streamlined, all-inclusive experience by ensuring consistency and structure according to your needs.

How do you start taking advantage of this live-changing service?

No, you don’t need to download an app, set up a profile or input payment information on a website. Simply call your Upside Manager. Let them know you want to start participating in a meal delivery service and work with them to build a grocery list that fits your needs. Maybe you want groceries delivered every two to three days or once per week. Meal delivery is 100% customizable and easily adaptable to your schedule. Plus, your Upside Manager also takes care of your delivery, so you don’t need to worry about dealing with anyone you don’t know.

Like many other Upside services, it’s all about care management. Members have unlimited access to their Upside Managers. Whether you want to call once a day, twice per week or once every 10 days to order your groceries is completely up to you. Meal delivery services allow Upside members to have complete autonomy and stay independent longer. But that doesn’t mean that you’re on an island by yourself. Forget to add water, milk, eggs or other items to your list? Don’t worry! Your Upside Manager knows you intimately, so if you forget to call to order your groceries or miss a staple ingredient you get delivered on a regular basis, your Upside Manager will reach out to you and make sure you’re getting all of your needs met.

What if I don’t like to cook?

Maybe you don’t like to cook because you find the prospect of acquiring groceries stressful or think making a meal is harder than it looks. Many individuals find cooking to be a relaxing, creative, positive and empowering activity. Learning this valuable skill helps you prepare fresh, healthy meals using ingredients perfectly tuned to your taste buds.

But if you’re one of those individuals who belongs on Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America TV show, you are still a perfect candidate for a meal delivery service. Talk to your Upside Manager about basic, healthy meals and snacks you can whip up in a flash, such as smoothies, sandwiches, salads or microwave meals.

Or, ask your Upside Manager about options that deliver meal kits featuring pre-measured ingredients and minimal prep work, or chef-prepared meals that just need warmed up in the microwave or placed in the oven or on the grill to cook.

Do you have a restricted diet that makes meal planning or grocery stopping stressful? Many delivery services provide menus curated by nutritionists and dieticians and approved by the National Health Organization, so regardless of whether you are gluten-free or vegan or have a food allergy or intolerance, options abound to meet your dietary needs and please your palate.

How do you pay for these services?

Upside consolidates all of its members’ expenses, providing them with one conveniently itemized bill at the end of each month. If you’re participating in a meal delivery service, your Upside Manager can review the cost of your groceries when you order them, but ultimately, it will be added as a line item on your monthly Upside bill. So you don’t have to worry about membership or delivery fees or tips. Upside takes care of all of that for you.

Have you been convinced to replace a trip to the grocery store with a coffee date, walk in the park or book club meeting? Contact your Upside Manager today and discover the difference meal delivery services can make in your life.

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