What’s it like to rent a premium apartment in South Florida with Upside?

Wonder what it would be like to spend your retirement years renting an apartment instead of owning a house? Upside member Fredda Sheib can tell you all about it! Learn why she chose to live in an Upside community.

Why Renting a Premium Apartment Community Was The Best Option

Already renting a condo in Boca Raton, Fredda wanted “a more social situation.” “I really feel at the age I’m at now, I also don’t want to be responsible for all the things in a house,” Fredda says. “I knew I was going to be renting again. I saw the post about Upside and I said to myself…‘This is what I need.’” 

Why Upside

Fredda saw herself reflected in Upside. “I said, ‘This is me.’ I couldn’t believe it! And I called and within a few days I had met [the team]. We went on a tour and it was lovely,” Fredda recalls. Beyond a maintenance-free place to live, Fredda mentions that in her apartment community, “There are several buildings so it’s social; it has a beautiful pool, a gorgeous gym, and community rooms.” 

The Best Part of Living at Upside

Fredda loves that her Upside Boca Raton apartment community “is all ages; it’s wonderful because you see babies, elderly people, you see all those in between. That feels great!” 

Fredda sums up renting with Upside this way: “I just felt that this was a perfect fit for me. It has exceeded my expectations, so I’m very happy with it.”

How You Can Get Started with Upside

Contact Upside today to find the perfect premium apartment for you, starting at $2,399/month, in one of our vibrant, mixed-age South Florida communities, with exciting add-ons like member meet-up events. 

Upside Corporate Headquarters

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