Top 10 Part-Time Jobs for Seniors to Explore in Retirement

Whether it’s for socialization, additional spending money, or to feel more fulfilled, many seniors look for part-time jobs in their retirement years. And believe it or not, there are a lot of great options available that aren’t too physically demanding and could actually be fun! 

Getting a part-time job in retirement can be a great way to help your retirement savings stretch further while also helping you stay active and challenged. There are various benefits to getting a job, as long as it’s one you are about. 

Use this list of the top 10 part-time jobs for seniors to help you find something that speaks to you and your interests. 

  1. Retail Sales Associate – Many retailers hire seniors as part-time sales associates to work in their stores. This job can be an excellent fit for older adults who enjoy interacting with people and have good communication skills.
  1. Customer Service Representative – Seniors can also find part-time jobs as customer service representatives. These jobs may involve answering phones, responding to emails, and providing assistance to customers.
  1. Tutor – Seniors who are retired teachers or who have expertise in a particular subject area can consider working as part-time tutors. They can work with students of all ages or can provide online tutoring services.
  1. Pet Sitter or Dog Walker – Seniors looking to stay active might enjoy spending time with animals as part-time pet sitters or dog walkers. 
  1. Administrative Assistant – While many think of an assistant as an entry-level position, it could also be great for older adults. Seniors can work as part-time administrative assistants in offices, hotels, or other organizations. These jobs may involve managing schedules, answering phones, and performing other administrative tasks.
  1. Event Staff – Many local organizations, venues, and playhouses hire part-time event staff to help with events such as concerts, festivals, and plays. Seniors can work as ushers, ticket-takers, or in other roles and often get a discount to enjoy events in their free time.
  1. Delivery Driver – Seniors with reliable vehicles who enjoy driving can work as part-time delivery drivers for companies such as UberEats, DoorDash, or Postmates. These jobs require a valid driver’s license and a good driving record and are an easy way to make additional income. 
  1. Bookkeeper – Seniors with experience in bookkeeping or accounting can work as part-time bookkeepers for small businesses or individuals. These jobs may involve maintaining financial records, preparing tax returns, and reconciling bank statements.
  1. Freelance Writer or Editor – Seniors who enjoy writing can work as part-time freelance writers or editors. They can write articles, blog posts, or other content for online publications or edit content for other writers.
  1. Librarian – Older adults who enjoy reading might be able to find part-time work as a librarian or a helper. These jobs require good communication skills, knowledge of books and computer systems, and the ability to stand for longer periods.

Getting a part-time job is a great way to maintain your independence and sense of purpose as you age. If you don’t think a part-time job is right for you, you could always consider volunteer options within your community that offer more flexible hours or that give you more control of your time. 
Staying challenged, active, and social are hugely important as you age. At Upside, we understand that and help seniors get connected with local services and social events within their community. Learn about our services and how an Upside Manager can help you make the most of your retirement years.

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