How Upside Works

Providing A Quality, Flexible Alternative To Traditional Senior Housing Facilities

Get Started with Upside!

Ready for a premium apartment with a maintenance-free, active lifestyle? Ditch the cookie cutter traditional senior living options. It’s easy to become a Member in just 4 steps.


Are we a Fit for You?

Connect with an Upside Advisor

Estimated Time: 15 minutes

Call or schedule time, to speak to an Upside Advisor. Learn about how our Senior Living Option is Different. It’s the perfect solution for seniors who want care and community without the stigma or cost of senior living facilities—and with much more flexibility.


Evaluate Your Options

Review Apartments and Take a Tour

Estimated Time: 30 minutes

One of our dedicated Upside Advisors will share hand selected premium apartments and Upside services that align to your taste, location, and lifestyle. Tour new homes that match what you are looking for and meet your support team so we ensure a perfect fit.


We Handle the Setup

Apply and Reserve

Estimated Time: 1-3 Days

After you’ve selected your community and apartment we facilitate every aspect of the submittal and approval – including making a security deposit, turning on utilities and prepping the apartment for move-in. All you have to do is pick up the keys!


Welcome to the Community

Prepare for Your Move and Move-in

Estimated Time: Up to 30 Days

Your dedicated Upside Manager will help coordinate your move-in so you can enjoy getting settled in your new space. We will act as your personal concierge during the move and beyond. Once you’re comfortable in your home, you’ll be able to enjoy the services you’ve selected to help you maximize convenience, flexibility, and connection in your day-to-day life. Thrive knowing that the Upside team will be there to help as much or as little as you’d like, adjusting as needed, giving you assurance that we’ve got you covered no matter what changes life may have in store.

You are a perfect fit if you are looking for:

  • Less responsibility for yourself or loved ones.
  • Low-stress maintenance-free independent living.
  • An active and/or social lifestyle.
  • Upfront pricing and no upfront entrance fees.
  • Privacy and independence with support available if needed.
  • Affordable options where you pay for only what you need.
  • The ability to choose from a wide variety of premium apartments in many locations.
  • Surrounded by people of all ages.
  • Pet friendly living options.

Just Ask

How can we help you live life to the fullest? Upside offers a gateway to independence by coordinating services and connecting you to the conveniences and experiences that mean the most so you can thrive. How can we help?

You may not be a fit:

  • Under Age 55.
  • Not interested in a intergenerational apartment.
  • Need comprehensive medical care including skilled nursing or memory support.
  • Looking for traditional senior living amenities like a Dining Hall, Therapy Room, Library, Daily Bingo and Crafting.
  • Looking for a Short Term Rental.
  • Only live and socialize with other seniors.

“I’ve been looking to move my mom closer to me for months and have explored everything. She wants and is able to live independently but needs some extra support and assistance. I finally found the perfect fit! She gets to live in an amazing luxury apartment (not a depressing senior living facility) and get all the care and support she needs 7 days a week. And it’s way more affordable than home care. They walked me through every step of the process and make it all so easy. I now have peace of mind and she keeps her independence. My mom is thrilled to not have to go to a ‘home.’ “

-Lou Loggia

“We truly appreciate the caring and helpfulness that we get from our Upside Manager Damien and everyone else at Upside. You all do a wonderful job!”

-Chelle S

“I’m so happy I stumbled on this option. I thought I would have to move into a nursing home type building to get the care I needed but didn’t know this type of thing existed. I want to be closer to my daughter and grandchildren. Having been recently widowed, there are so many things to take care of that I don’t want to do on my own. This Upside property is beautiful. The folks at the company are so kind and helpful and I can get all the support and care I need here, in a beautiful luxury building with people my own age and younger. I still feel like I’m 40 and young at heart! This is truly a blessing.”

-Muriel P

“This is fantastic living community for older adults who are still very active. My grandma never wanted to go to a senior living facility ever (nor would I ever want her to be in one), but this has been a game-changer.”

-Logan F

What makes us different from standard apartment living?

Dedicated Upside Manager

Your personal concierge. Reduce stress and responsibility with our Upside Manager. Available to handle your needs from basic to complex. We’re experts at coordinating grocery delivery, transportation and more. We help with simple tasks such as resetting your Netflix password or more tedious jobs such as helping navigate health insurance.

Housekeeping Services

You should be spending your free time doing what you love, whatever that is! Leave the housework to someone else and focus on the most important things to you. Upside premium apartments offer discounted access to regularly scheduled housekeeping services.

One-Bill Simplicity

Ditch the mail and tracking of many different bills. Upside’s easy to read bill consolidates everything in one easy to make payment at the end of the month.

Cable, Internet & Tech Support

With bulk pricing available in all Upside 55+ apartments, you can get the basic cable and high-speed internet you need to stay connected without the hassle of paying multiple monthly bills. Plus, with available technology support through your personalized Upside Manager, you never have to worry.


Want to get involved? Your Upside Manager will help match you to gatherings and events around the community. They’ll also connect you with activities that other members are participating in.

Companion Visits

One of the key differentiators about Upside apartments is that they are intergenerational. You won’t be confined to living with only older individuals on a single campus. Instead, you have the freedom to create organic relationships with people of all ages, races and gender. But, if you still need additional companionship, your dedicated Upside Manager can help you set up with Papa Pal® visits for companionship and assistance with everyday tasks.

Dining and Cuisine

While we don’t offer a traditional dining plan, we can help you coordinate on-demand grocery and meal delivery to save you time and energy. Your Upside Manager can set everything up, so all you have to do is answer the door and enjoy.


One of the perks of living in a premium Upside apartment is the proximity to exciting community events, experiences of interest and more. Get on-demand transportation scheduled by your Upside Manager.


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