Five Unusual Hobbies for Seniors and Retirees to Try

One of the most exciting things about retirement is the opportunity to try new things, but what are the most unusual hobbies for seniors to try? You might be worried about being bored in retirement. If you tend not to like conventional things, you may even be dreading retirement, as though someone will come along and force you to take up fishing or gardening (perfectly fine, although somewhat common, hobbies). When it comes to hobbies, there’s no reason to limit yourself! When you have some additional time and energy, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish, from learning new skills to trying out exciting experiences. Wondering where to begin? Here are five suggestions for exciting ways to spend your newfound free time in retirement. 

Taking Up Surfing

Staying active in retirement is important. You might consider an exercise class or dance lessons, but if you’re lucky enough to live near the beach, why not take up surfing? A beautiful way to experience the ocean waves, surfing provides an exciting way to stay fit too! Even if you have never surfed before, some surfing schools offer all-ages lessons, so if you can swim, you can surf. If you ever get tired of simply relaxing on the beach, remember you can learn to surf and appreciate the waves from a new angle!

Learning a New Language

Another of the many unusual hobbies for seniors you should consider is learning a new language. Many people travel during retirement, and you will experience so much more depth of local culture if you learn the language of the place you plan to visit. You may have heard that only children can learn new languages, but it’s possible to learn a new language in retirement if you seek out the right support. You will need a combination of instruction and immersion to truly learn a new language in retirement. So, start by taking a class or even using one of many apps for language instruction. Then, get out into the community and practice! You can connect with native speakers of the language via language clubs and practice your skills by reading books and watching tv shows and movies in the new language. When your trip rolls around, you’ll have an even better opportunity to practice the language and truly enjoy all your destination has to offer. 

Taking a Wine Certification Class

If you love wine, why not learn to appreciate it even more with a wine certification class? Refine your palate and learn about wine pairings to enrich your fine dining experiences. You can even learn about the grape growing and winemaking processes behind the flavors you love to enjoy. You’ll impress your friends and family with your extensive knowledge and savor the delicious taste of wine on a new level. 

Playing Video Games and Even Competing in Video Game Tournaments

Video games offer the opportunity to try out a variety of adventures, like racecar driving or exploring the Amazon rainforest, without the risks. Some of these exciting experiences may not even be available in reality, like fighting aliens! Nowadays, video games, once a solitary experience, even offer the opportunity to socialize with other players online and play together. 

If you’re a competitive person, you can even compete against other players, eventually working up to trying our video gaming tournaments. A company in Japan recently opened an Esports center just for people 60 and over, and that shows that competitive video gaming is not just for kids. You can make your retirement more exhilarating by checking out the options for competitive video gaming online. 

Decorating Fancy Cakes

For the culinarily inclined, you might consider taking a cooking class, but if you really want to impress your friends and family, learn to decorate fancy cakes! Wilton, maker of cake decorating supplies, offers online cake decorating classes that you can take from anywhere! Show up at a potluck with a truly unique dessert! Make a gorgeous birthday cake for a friend (or yourself!) and develop a new talent in the kitchen.

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