Your Guide to Retiring in Boca Raton

Retiring in Boca Raton sounds like a dream for many, but it doesn’t have to stay a dream. When it comes to senior living, Boca Raton is an ideal city, as many active seniors decide to fly down South for the pleasant weather and abundance of activities. This gem in the Sunshine State is such a popular destination spot that CNBC named it in the Top 10 US Southern Cities for Retirement, so you are sure to meet lots of new friends from all over the country. We’ve got the definitive guide to the best parts about retiring in Boca Raton.

About Retiring in Boca Raton

In Spanish, the word for “retire” is “jubilarse,”related to the word “jubilation.” Retirement is not an end, but an exciting beginning. It is a jubilant time for fun and celebration, to reward oneself for many years of hard work. Boca Raton captures the natural spirit of jubilarse through its sunny weather, vibrant culture, and thriving communities. 

Beautiful Weather in Boca Raton

It is no secret that Florida weather is favorable, which is why for senior living, Boca Raton is so popular. With warm weather most of the year, you won’t have to wait until summer to get that sunny glow. On average, the temperature in Boca typically ranges from 61°F to 89°F and tends not to drop below 46°F or exceed 92°F. Friends and family will be clamoring to visit your new place when the winter sets in back home. You’ll be able to enjoy retirement with ease without the burdens of intense extremes of temperature. Leave your snow shovel behind!

Lots of Things To Do Nearby

Boca Raton is a beautiful and thriving city with lots to see and do. Florida’s natural beauty is what draws many people to the area, and there are miles of coastline and beaches to explore. Red Reef and Spanish River Park are two must-see destinations for the beach lover. For sports fans, Boca Raton holds golf courses galore, FAU Stadium is a great place to take in a college football game, and the headquarters for the Florida Panthers NHL team and the NFL’s Miami Dolphins are only a 40-minute drive away. 

The Boca Raton Museum of Art is a great destination to see art from all over the world. If you’re interested in local history, the Schmidt Boca Raton History Museum operated by the Boca Raton Historical Society provides hours of active and noteworthy exhibits.

If you’re looking for more leisurely activities, there are plenty of places you can get to by foot or car to go shopping or get a bite to eat. Tour the Barrel of Monks Brewery facilities or stop by their tasting room for the best Belgian-inspired brew in town. There’s also plenty to do when your family comes to visit. Sugar Sand Park is great for children of all ages to take in rides, explore trails, or visit the Science Playground and Explorium. Experience incredible hiking trails and visit rehabbed sea turtles at the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center.

Boca Raton is a city with a rich culture and history augmenting its natural beauty. One of the best parts of retirement is getting to try new things, and with the sheer variety of cultural events, activities, and amusements to be had in the city and surrounding area, there is something new to experience every day.

A Community Made For Senior Living, Boca Raton

For senior living, Boca Raton is a highly sought-after retirement-friendly community of over 83,000. One of the main concerns of retirement-age adults in general is isolation, as it can be hard to connect with people of the same age without the regular social interactions of work or school. However, with the median age of Boca Raton’s residents being late forties, alongside the thriving 55+ community in this city, you won’t be in want of company for long. By retiring in Boca Raton, you’ll join a bustling community of your peers, experiencing new places, eating new food, and meeting new people from around the country, virtually eliminating any concerns you may have about loneliness. 

Medical Care

At any age, staying healthy should be high on your priority list. Luckily, the many seniors living in Boca Raton do not need to worry, since their health needs are supported by some of the best medical facilities in the region. A multitude of doctors work in Boca Raton, and they include a wide variety of experts in their fields, from primary care doctors to the headquarters of Cancer Treatment Centers of America. You’ll be able to take in all that Boca Raton has to offer, backed by the confidence that if you need help in any way, you will be able to find it quickly. 

Overall, Boca Raton is a unique community, replete with natural wonders and cultural, artistic, and athletic features to capture your imagination. It’s the dream destination for anyone who wants to spend their retirement having a fresh start in a beautiful location where you will never be bored or lonely.

Retiring in Boca Raton? Choose Upside

If you or your loved ones want to embrace the jubilarse lifestyle in Boca Raton, Upside can provide the perfect home base for your adventures. Our Boca Raton apartments provide hassle-free premium apartment living for independent older adults that is optimized for your active lifestyle. No need to stress over managing a pile of bills when we provide one-bill convenience to our tenants, and an Upside Manager to take care of everything from scheduling home maintenance to finding you fun new activities to try. Our elegant-yet-comfortable homes are ideal for those who want to continue their active lifestyle in an exciting new city, and we can even match you with a like-minded roommate to make sure you have a companion at home along with the friends you will make in the community. Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more about our premium South Florida apartments.

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