Why Members Choose Upside

They’re called the golden years for a reason, marking time that’s precious, valuable and meant to be spent taking advantage of life’s leisures. More than that, it’s when people should be focusing on themselves, their quality of life and mental, physical and emotional well-being, as well as making time for the things and people that bring them joy.

But how can older adults accomplish this with all of the yard-work, bills, home maintenance and other responsibilities associated with true independent living? The answer is Upside, which fills a vital gap in senior living options by providing older adults with the support they need as they age by helping them customize a lifestyle that aligns with their individual aging journey and allows them to lead an active and fulfilling life.

Why Choose Upside?

Upside is unique because it adds an extra layer of assistance that is completely customizable and caters to an individual’s lifestyle — unlike traditional senior living options that leave residents stuck in a repetitive routine paying for services they don’t need or want.

It comes down to flexibility, better costs, streamlined lifestyles and maintenance-free living. Upside fills a large gap that exists in senior living care. Dozens of people reach out to Upside every day to inquire about the potential of living in an Upside apartment or laying on services to their existing home. Some senior living communities do a great job of selling a lifestyle, but then they don’t deliver on the promises they make. Upside resonates with people because of its dedication to enhancing the quality of life for older adults and providing an alternative to today’s traditional senior living options.

Streamlined Lifestyle

Upside’s objective is to remove the clutter from everyday living and create streamlined, customized lifestyles for older adults. When people fall or forget to turn off the burner, oftentimes it’s because they were moving too quickly or busy thinking about other things. People’s environments and what they have on their plate directly correlates to how they age. By streamlining an older person’s life and removing some of the clutter, they are able to stay safer and healthier longer.

Upside offers a variety of on-demand services to help create a streamlined lifestyle, including basic housekeeping, grocery and meal delivery, transportation, companion visits from Papa Pals and connections to local events, experiences of interest and community involvement.

On top of that, members also receive personalized care from an Upside Manager. These are individuals who help connect members to various Upside resources and are dedicated to meeting and anticipating members’ needs and developing a personal relationship with them. From making appointments and assisting with technology to overseeing their overall health and well-being, Upside Managers look after their members. Their No. 1 objective is to keep members living where they want as long as the member wants and is mentally and physically able to be there. What that means for the member is that they are able to maintain their independence longer.

Having an Upside Manager gives family members peace of mind knowing that someone is caring for their loved one and available to help provide support on a daily basis. This allows the time older adults spend with their loved ones to be of much higher quality, as the Upside Managers take on the task-driven and care-given responsibilities.

Add On Only the Services You Need

Light Housework & Cleaning

Cable & Internet

Companion Visits

Meal Preparation & Delivery


Laundry Services

Pet Care

Better Costs

Fixed rates and financial stability are very important to older adults. Upside members pay one bill, which is itemized for them to see each service that is being charged to them. One of the major differences between Upside and traditional senior living options is the variety of services that can be tailored to an individual’s lifestyle. Oftentimes, Upside can can save you 25%-50% because other senior living options have built-in costs that are spread out through all of its residents. Upside scales that back so members only pay for the services they need. As those needs change, they can be added or removed as necessary.

Unlike Upside, some senior living options also require a buy-in in addition to the monthly ongoing costs. Sometimes, the buy-in can be more than $100,000 and take a ton away from an older adult’s capital that could otherwise be spent on retirement. This huge financial hit also eliminates flexibility because if someone is unhappy in that living situation for any reason, they cannot get their money back.

Upside Manager

Every Upside member is connected with an Upside Manager, a personal concierge who helps with everything from appointment scheduling to technology assistance.

Live Where You Want

Members live in their own home or one of Upside’s partner apartments, with amenities including a pool, fitness center, and parking garage.


Upside members become part of a vibrant community that hosts fun and engaging social events year-round.


Upside members enjoy a lifestyle that is unlike anything they would experience in other senior living environments. It’s senior living in disguise, allowing older adults to live where they want. It’s the perfect option for those looking for extra peace of mind without giving up freedom and independence. Which, for those who’ve done their homework, is easier said than done. For the most part, independent living options are still geared toward the traditional, institutionalized senior living model, where residents are giving up some facet of their independence and living with people who need different levels of care. Truly independent living options are few and far between, and those that do exist are extremely pricey.

Not only are Upside members excited to live where they want, it’s also better for their health. When people are separated into homogenous populations and activities of daily living, such as cooking or caring for yourself, are taken away, they begin to rapidly decline. Losing independence and freedom accelerates the aging process.

Upside offers an affordable, transitional style of living — an option where older adults can still live independently and care for themselves while taking advantage of a variety of services that can make their lives easier. It’s all about aging in the right place. If the three-story, 80-year-old colonial-style home you raised your kids in is not the right place for you anymore, but you’re not ready to move into a 55+ community surrounded by people who are all at the same stage of life, Upside sounds like the right place for you.


Perfect for anyone who wants to stay in their current home or who already has their next pad lined up. Adding the core Upside membership makes it easier and more fun to live your next chapter. But, it’s also just the beginning of what we offer.

$3,000/year or $299/month

Upside Home

Interested in choosing a home from our selection of certified aging-friendly apartments? Still want all the great perks of the core membership? Learn more about the benefits of joining Upside Home.

  • Partner Apartment
  • Home Maintenance
  • One Bill Simplicity
  • Coordinated Move In
  • Utility Setup & Management
$3,000/year + Rent & Utilities

Upside Plus

Daily care, services, and support in one of our amenity-rich partner apartment buildings. Plus, daily certified nursing assistant visits, Papa Pal companion visits, two gourmet meals per day, local transportation, and housekeeping. Get more info about Upside Plus.

  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Visits
  • 1, 2 or 3 Bedroom Apartment
  • Utilities (Water, Trash, Electric, Cable, Internet)
  • Renters Insurance Coverage
  • Papa Pal® Companion Visits
  • Two Fresh Gourmet Meals per day
  • Local Transportation
  • Housekeeping
Starting at $6,500/month

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