The Pros and Cons of 55 Plus Communities in Miami and Beyond

Whether you’re looking for 55 plus communities in Miami or elsewhere in south Florida, you may feel unsure of how to evaluate your options. Here is what to look for in a 55 plus community and how to avoid some common problems with over 55 communities.

Traditional 55 Plus Communities in South Florida

Traditionally, a 55 plus community means a community that limits the age of residents at or above 55 years old. This naturally raises the question of what happens if a resident’s spouse is under 55, or another family member under 55 lives with them. Fortunately, usually only one resident of each unit has to meet the 55 plus requirement. However, since the objective of a 55 plus community is to have a quiet, adults-only environment, often the resident’s children must be over the age of 18 to reside with them. 

In south Florida, 55 plus communities are similar to elsewhere in the United States, except that due to the demographics and weather of this region, they may have some different features. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, over two-thirds of the population of Miami-Dade County identifies as “Hispanic or Latino,” and 75 percent speak a language other than English at home. This means that you are likely to find a number of Spanish-speaking residents in any 55+ community in Miami. 

Southern Florida weather also creates a different environment in 55 plus communities in Miami, which has a tropical climate, versus other parts of the country. Relatively warm weather year round means that your 55 plus community will likely offer outdoor activities such as swimming and tennis for a greater portion of the year than in other places. 

Potential Problems with the Traditional 55 Plus Community Model

There are some limitations to the traditional 55 plus community model. Problems with over 55 communities that you may face include the lack of age diversity among residents and potentially strict rules. 

While it may seem obvious that 55 plus communities tend to be populated primarily by people over the age of 55, what may not be obvious is the negative impact this may have on your ability to experience meaningful social interactions. A recent study found that people were more likely to reach the age of 100 if they, among other factors, lived in a mixed-age environment. As Baby Boomers retire they are exploring intergenerational housing options.This style of living has benefits including a reduction in feelings of loneliness and a boost in self-esteem for the residents. As most of the residents in a traditional 55 plus community are over 55, residents may miss out on the benefits of social interaction with younger people.

Another potential downside of a traditional 55 plus community is the strict rules that often govern them. For example, in addition to the age restriction, detailed rules may dictate how residents can decorate their home, inside and out, and how often grandchildren can visit, for example. If your vision of retirement involves a lot of freedom, a traditional 55 plus age restricted community might not be the best option for you. 

These problems with over 55 communities may discourage you from the entire concept of apartment living that caters to people over the age of 55, but they shouldn’t! Traditional 55 plus communities are only one format for this type of apartment community. The next section will explain in detail a new type of 55 plus community that gives you a different choice to consider when looking for an apartment for your retirement years. 

A Different Approach to 55 Plus Communities in Miami, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and Beyond

Upside places people over 55 in premium apartments in mixed-age apartment communities, allowing for freedom and socialization and then helps them to avoid the stresses of living in a house and focus on enjoying life! Upside works with apartment communities in its south Florida service area, helping people over 55 find the perfect apartment for them. Upside sets its members up with an Upside Manager within each community, who can help obtain everything from grocery delivery to concert tickets! 

Membership in Upside allows you to have the best of both worlds. Untethered to a particular location, it is essentially a virtual 55 plus community within a variety of age-diverse communities. As a member, you will meet neighbors ranging from recent university graduates to families with school-aged children. You will also live independently on your own terms, but with an Upside Manager to make your living experience the fun and relaxing retirement you’ve always dreamed of!  

Try Upside’s unique 55 plus communities in Miami and other South Florida locations

Membership in Upside allows you to receive the benefits of a 55 plus community without the downsides. After helping you find a premium apartment in one of our mixed-age apartment communities, your Upside Manager can take care of everything you need to enjoy your new life in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and many other South Florida locations. Your Upside Manager not only takes care of the cleaning and maintenance of your apartment, but can also arrange for you to participate in local events and activities that allow you to make friends and live life to the fullest! Contact Upside for more information about our unique take on 55 plus community life.

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