What Is Intergenerational Housing?

Finding your groove in retirement isn’t always something that happens overnight. You might try aging in place for as long as possible, but after a while, you might realize the neighborhood is changing, the house is too big, and the maintenance is too much. You might explore your options for a senior living community, but that lifestyle also comes with its limitations. And 55+ communities can sometimes be depressing because you are stuck watching everyone around you age and experience health declines.

So, what other options do you have to consider? 

Intergenerational housing, or multi-generational living, is a lesser-known but hugely beneficial option for retired adults looking to enjoy retirement and, more importantly, thrive in retirement. Intergenerational apartments offered through a service like Upside are vetted using age-friendly criteria to ensure they are conducive to an older adult’s lifestyle. Plus, by living in a mixed-age apartment complex, older adults can benefit from spending time surrounded by younger adults and families.

What are the Benefits of Intergenerational Living?

Research has proven that mixed-age interactions can make older adults feel more purposeful, social, and energetic. AARP estimates that nearly 80% of older adults wish to remain at home and in their communities rather than move to age-segregated facilities. This statistic clearly indicates that older adults need more innovative programming that unites multiple generations and gives them a reason to downsize. 

At Upside, we’ve done the research, and we understand the importance of older adults getting interaction that spans generations. Intergenerational housing provides older adults a new and easy way to forge relationships that are mutually beneficial. 

Research has shown that older and younger adults need one another. Mixed-age interactions help older adults cultivate purpose, maintain their sense of fulfillment, and stay active. Younger generations benefit from the guidance, support, and problem-solving skills that older generations can offer.

Where to Find Multi-Generational Living

If you’re in your retirement years and ready for a positive change in your life, Upside can help. We’ve taken the traditional idea of retirement living and turned it upside down. With our expanding options for intergenerational living, you can feel confident you’re living retirement life to the fullest. 

Since the needs of older adults are unique, we’ve ensured that every apartment through Upside is conducive to the lifestyle of an aging adult. Our Upside Managers serve as a single point of contact to help you thrive in your new environment and maintain a lifestyle that makes you truly happy. Get the convenience you need while also maintaining full autonomy over how you spend your days and who you spend your days with.

About Upside

Upside is proud to take everything you thought you knew about senior living and turn it on its head. Since our inception, we’ve provided active older adults with coast living options that offer maintenance-free, active lifestyles in intergenerational communities. We offer one-, two-, and three-bedroom units that let retirees downsize to their comfort level while staying front and center for all the hustle and bustle of city life.

Learn more about our unique approach to senior living and start living the retirement life you’ve only dreamed of having. Contact us today to speak with an Upside Advisor.

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