What Are the Best States for Senior Citizens To Live In?

Do you remember everything you needed in a house when you were getting married and starting a family? You were looking for homes in the best school districts, with quiet streets, beautiful parks and playgrounds, and other young families in the area. But, now that you are entering or nearing retirement, your needs are entirely different.

So, where are the best states for active seniors to retire or start their next chapter of life? If you’re an active senior, you’ll want to find a retirement destination that allows you to stretch your legs, get fresh air, and stay physically, mentally, and emotionally fulfilled.

Below we’ve compiled some of our top picks for the best states for senior citizens.

  • Georgia – This affordable retirement destination has a low cost of living and beautiful weather, with an annual average temperature of 64 degrees.
  • Florida – The sunshine state has always been a popular retirement destination for its warm climate, a large population of 65+ individuals, and beautiful waterfront living options.
  • Tennessee – This state offers a low cost of living and beautiful year-round weather that allows seniors to get outside and stay active.
  • Missouri – Also an affordable retirement option for senior citizens, Missouri offers a moderate climate and plenty of dynamic opportunities for an active and fulfilling lifestyle.
  • California – While not the most affordable option for senior citizens, it is one of the most beautiful and full of life for individuals looking to make the most of every day.
  • Texas – If you like the heat, Texas can’t be beaten in terms of beautiful living options that help seniors get the most out of every day.
  • North Carolina – Beautiful weather, sunny beaches, and coastal living options make North Carolina a dream retirement location for many active seniors.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best States to Retire

Deciding where to relocate as a senior citizen can be challenging. There are so many dynamic neighborhoods and communities that offer something unique, and it’s all about finding the right fit for your lifestyle now and hopes for the future.

Some things to consider when exploring your options:

  • Property prices
  • Cost of living
  • Access to health care
  • Proximity to family
  • Weather
  • Exercise opportunities
  • Transportation options

Before deciding where to start your next chapter, do your research and consider visiting in person. The goal is to find the right fit to help you stay active, healthy, and enjoying all life has to offer.

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