Why Does the Future of Health Include Housing?

Home is so much more than four walls and a roof that protect you from inclement weather and give you a place to rest your head at night. It’s everything within the enclosure and surrounding it, creating an environment that enhances your quality of life. For me, home is where I feel free from harm or danger — a place that’s comfortable and feels like mine. It’s where I can truly relax and recharge.

The circumstances of people’s living environments influence their health outcomes. If someone is living in a place where they don’t feel safe or secure, it can severely impact their mental and physical well-being.

At Upside, our mission is to elevate the quality of life for older adults. That means creating an all-inclusive apartment experience filled with amenities those who are 55+ need and desire, such as independence, flexibility, affordability, stability, streamlined services and maintenance-free living.

Healthier and Safer Environments

Upside apartments are located in multigenerational communities, which have been proven to slow the aging process by making older adults feel more purposeful, social and energetic.

When we speak to our members, one of the things they appreciate most about Upside is that they don’t have to move into a senior living community. They come to us and say, “I’m 25 years old at heart. I may be in an 80-year-old’s body, but I don’t want to live just among older adults.” They know that’s going to accelerate their decline, and they are grateful for the alternative that we are providing.

When it comes to the units, each property passes a strict quality control process before being offered to members. We also conduct in-home safety assessments to retrofit the apartment to fit the needs of that resident.

Then, there’s the building staff — people who work in the building and are available 24/7 in case of a maintenance emergency. If our members have any sort of maintenance need, from an air conditioning problem to a leaky washing machine or overflowing toilet, there’s always going to be someone available to help them address that within minutes. During business hours, all they need to do is contact their Upside Manager. After hours, a 24-hour maintenance hotline is available. It provides a huge peace of mind for members and their families.

With our Upside+ product, which we recently launched in Boca Raton, Florida, members also have access to a certified nursing assistant in the building eight hours a day, seven days a week. That’s a huge benefit. So if someone needs advanced care, such as help transferring from a bed to a wheelchair or taking a shower, that caregiver is essentially on-call in the building. We’ve already seen improved outcomes from members who are taking advantage of that service.

For our members, knowing that they’re living in a place that is maintained properly and where they feel safe and can get the help they need (whatever that means to them) is vital. A lot of our members include couples who are in different stages of their aging journey. In that scenario, one person in the relationship might need assistance, while the other can care for themselves, but can’t handle the needs of their significant other. Upside is an amazing offering for them because instead of having to split up and one person goes into a traditional senior living facility while the other one stays at home on their own, we can keep people together. Upside can provide the support that one person needs, and at the same time, allow the other person to live a completely independent life in the same regular apartment building.

Simplicity and Cost-Savings

One of the biggest benefits of an Upside home compared to standard apartment or other senior living options is that we consolidate our members’ bills into one easy, itemized monthly payment. This is vital for older adults, many of whom are on fixed incomes. By providing financial stability and removing the hassle of managing multiple bills, we are able to reduce stress and provide our members with more free time to spend however they desire.

When it comes to comparing cost savings of senior living options, it’s not always apples to apples. What people get with an Upside home is a lot different than what they would get in a traditional senior living community. With the latter, residents are typically living in a small single or shared room. Maybe they have a kitchenette with a microwave and a mini fridge, but not an entire kitchen where they can cook and prepare their own meals.

Right off the bat, Upside members start with a standard apartment complete with a full-size kitchen, as well as in-unit washers and dryers. That’s a big deal for people because they want to maintain their independence, which they can’t do without the tools they need to cook and care for themselves.

Upside members also have flexibility in the services they receive, which leads to huge cost-savings. Because we’re able to disaggregate all of the services that we offer, residents are only paying for what they use. So if you don’t need food today, you don’t have to pay for it. If you don’t need a ride, you’re not charged for the bus to sit outside the facility that’s going to take someone else to the grocery store.

Plus, assisted living and other senior care facilities are generally much more expensive because they are purpose-built and staffed with a variety of people who are serving high-acuity patients. We’re able to provide an equivalent level of service at a much lower cost because our apartments encompass existing structures that don’t have that added layer of around-the-clock support and intervention.

At Upside, we believe older adults should spend their time focusing on themselves, their quality of life and mental, physical and emotional well-being. That’s why we’re redefining senior living and providing those who are 55+ with an alternative that supports and manages their individual needs and allows them to lead a healthier and more fulfilling life.

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