Why Retirement Sucks: Senior Living For The Modern Era

We’ve all seen the commercials – An elderly couple strolling along a paved sidewalk soaked in sun, smiling, laughing, and wearing their most sensible shoes. That image is supposed to represent the pinnacle of retired life for retired seniors. But does it?

For many active seniors just entering retirement, moving into a traditional senior living facility with planned activities, bland meals, and boring apartments isn’t exactly their idea of living the dream.

Luckily, the idea that retirement has to suck the life out of active seniors is changing. The narrative is shifting, and innovators are redefining what retirement means. These forward-thinkers are starting to offer 55+ adults the freedom to choose how they spend their retirement with flexible living arrangements that simplify their lifestyles and leave room for adventure.

Independent Living on Your Terms

While typical retirement communities are designed to provide residents with the same level of care now and well into the future, it’s important to understand that needs change. The type of care and support someone needs in their 80s could be entirely different than what is needed in their 60s.

55+ independent living, like what is offered through Upside, provides the convenience and support seniors need while also helping them open their minds to redefining what retirement means. Upside offers coastal living options in South Florida that cater to the 55+ community while also keeping them front and center to experience all that life has to offer fully.

Services in traditional 55+ active facilities can vary by location, meaning residents are resigned to what is available on-campus. At Upside, we are reimagining what seniors can expect when it comes to retirement living through our innovative approach. We are proud to turn these traditional ideas upside down through Upside Managers who act as personal concierges to Upside members.

Want to see a concert? No problem! Want groceries delivered to your apartment? Sure thing. Want us to leave you alone so you can focus on your next big idea? You got it!

By creating a new alternative to traditional senior living facilities, we’ve thrown out the idea that retirement has to suck by helping our members with everything they need to find fulfillment and joy in retirement:

Why is Upside better than the traditional idea of retirement facilities? Our members still get some of the benefits of traditional retirement living with security monitoring, housekeeping services, and assistance with everyday tasks. We are offering a truly tailored approach to senior living that can only be achieved through a personal Upside Manager.

Living Arrangements for an Active Lifestyle

Most retirement facilities are designed to be freestanding communities, and many offer on-site banking, salons, restaurants, and gyms, making it unnecessary to leave. And while that’s helpful for some seniors, active older adults looking to pursue retirement on their own terms without the limitations of a traditional facility setting should explore their options with Upside.

Upside offers coastal living near the stunning beaches of Miami, FL, waterfront living in Pompano Beach, FL, and picturesque options near West Palm Beach, FL. We offer one-, two-, and three-bedroom units that let seniors downsize to their comfort level while staying front and center for all the hustle and bustle of city life.

In a 55+ active independent living option like Upside, seniors get so much more than just an apartment; they get easy access to everything that will help them thrive in retirement and seek out joy every day.

About Upside

Upside is proud to take everything you thought you knew about senior living and turn it on its head. Since our inception, we’ve been providing active seniors with premium South Florida apartments that offer maintenance-free, active lifestyles in communities of like-minded individuals. Learn more about our unique approach to senior living and start living the retirement life you’ve only dreamed of having. Contact us today to speak with an Upside Advisor.

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